Mookit said

Tea magazines/publications?

I recently started getting to reading magazines like The Economist, Reader’s Digest, New Yorker. I like to read about a variety of interesting and thought-provoking things. This got me thinking: is there good material being published about tea? I find myself on Steepster a lot, and I do enjoy learning more about tea.

I guess if there’s no magazines, I’m willing to look into insightful websites or blogs that I can plug my RSS apps into.

Anyone have any suggested tea reading?

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There’s a new one starting that I think is pretty exciting :)

Lee select said

Thanks Nicole!!

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t-ching said

Our blog has an RSS feed that you can add

Oolong Owl is one of my favorites too

Also, I second Nicole’s recommendation for Tea Journey! I really want to see their Kickstarter succeed!

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This hasn’t been updated since 2010 but it still has eight issues of content. I remember enjoying it.

I think The Leaf actually evolved into what is now Global Tea Hut. You can still get back issues for free online :)

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I read

as well as Oolong Owl, which has already been mentioned. Nicole-Tea for Me Please – has a blog, too.

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Mookit said

Thanks everyone! So far, the Tea Journey seems the most promising, but I am unsure about the status of their publication. They are just starting up, no? Or is the Kickstarter just for the digital edition?

They are just starting up. The Kickstarter is to fund their launch. The first issue is already available to subscribers though.

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What are the best books on teas?

AJ said

Sort of depends on what you’re looking for. The most all-encompassing books on tea, the best books on tea culture, or the best on tea history, etc. Rather than posting a list of my favourites, I thought I’d link to some of the other threads made in the past on the subject. Steepster’s come up with a lot of great suggestions:

Hope that gets you started with a few ideas.

Bitterleaf said

I don’t know if you’re into puer at all, but if so, this is practically mandatory reading:

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