Wooden tea boxes

I’ve seen various wooden boxes sold online to store tea bags and to display bagged teas at tea parties.

I was interested in hearing about a few choices I could choose from and also peoples’ opinion on if the boxes really make a difference in keeping bagged tea fresh.


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This isn’t for tea bags, but I am saving my pennies for this coffret for entertaining!


I think it would be so gracious to display the selections this way, and have guests choose!

PeteG said

I have never had Damman teas…the display is Beautiful!!! Are the teas the same?

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A timely topic for me as well, I’m looking at consolidation because my teaware and teas are overtaking the family cupboards.

I like the example that Jacqueline linked. That seems to be the ideal – a wooden box, but each tea has its own unique sealed jar, it all fits together in one place. But the expense of that one might be discouraging.

Might be a bit cheesy, but Starbucks still carries a Tazo bagged tea box set from the holiday collection that has 4 generous compartments that can adapt to teabags or custom bags, has a slide-open metal lid. The Tazo that comes with it is in wax paper sachet, but once empty, I’ve been able to put conventional individual teabags in it (my St Dalfour and Numi bags fit nicely). It’s only $20/set. I have 3 of them.

Today I received my Revolution Tea box set, 15 individual slots, but the slots are custom-made for Revolution Tea’s single-serve box infusers and not tea bags. But on the plus sidee, the empty serving boxes can be replenished with other loose teas.

There’s another set that’s designed for restaurant tableside service, sold by Numi, and emblazoned with their logo, but seems to be an affordable compromise. It’s a series of glass-lidded jars. Seems to be a better way to keep party-size servings of loose tea fresh. And around $50. But wouldn’t be ideal for general storage only because you’d still have to keep your main supply tucked away in other container.
http://www.numitea.com/Loose-Tea-Presentation-Chest/p/NUMI-10169&[email protected]

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