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So, I’m returning home (finally), and a friend just reminded me that I have an opportunity at a local newspaper, and the producer is really interested in having a column on tea.
So, I have about 45 article ideas, ranging from the very basics – brewing and assessing tea on a personal level – to tea history and cultures, individual businesses (could definitely do a spot for this site), and other things.

If you guys have any ideas on what could be interesting concepts to use, articles I could use for reference, or a wealth of knowledge on a particular aspect, I’d greatly appreciate the help!

Thanks in advance,

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Carolyn said

Congratulations on the opportunity to write articles! That’s really fantastic. Here are my suggestions:

For a complete lay audience I’d do at least one that explains the differences between black, oolong, green, white, yellow, pu-erh and tisanes.

An article on tea and health discussing the latest research.

An article on the current state of trade and politics around pu-erhs would have broad interest, I think. Certainly the interest was broad enough that one of the major magazines ran a story on pu-erh collecting a while ago.

An article on Fair Trade tea, what it means, how it is ensured, and so forth.

Along those lines, you could also do an article on the Ethical Tea Partnership. They seem organized enough that they could probably even send you press releases.

An article on the history of Tea Horse Road and Chinese-Tibetan relations might be fun.

If you are writing for an American audience, you might consider a historical discussion of the effect the Boston Tea Party (and subsequent tea boycott) had on American tea drinking. My recollection is that it moved us to tisanes and perhaps is responsible for our greater focus on coffee.

An article focusing on the differences between Chinese green teas and Japanese green teas.

That’s all I can come up with quickly. It sounds like a great opportunity for you. Good luck with it.


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