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Introduction of a new type of Keemun Black tea- Keemun Snail Tea

Keemun Snail Tea is the newest type of keemun black tea which was invented only ten years ago by combining the traditional production methods of keemun tea and that of Green Snail Spring (Pi Luo Chun, another famous tea listed among chinese top ten famous teas). Keemun Snail Tea, made of only whole leaf buds of the first flush of tea harvested before Qing Ming (early April) is noted for a smoother and delicate flavor and typical Keemun Fragrance (祁门香). It is named as Keemun Snail Tea as it is like snails in shape. It is the tea that would charm you once you had it.

For much more details about Keemun Snail Tea, you may see here:

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