Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp

Amazon has this electric kettle for $80–90, and it seems it can heat water to various tea temperatures w/o boiling. Anyone tried one? I’m quite tempted…

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Cofftea said

For $20 less, get the PINO pro digital kettle. It gives you much more control of temp variation.

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Thanks! For some reason, I couldn’t find that one on Amazon when I was searching before. Certainly there now and, as you say, $20 cheaper.

edit: I see why, it’s not on prime, so it’s not $20 cheaper after shipping :-(

edit 2: I see a place over in Bethesda MD is on their where to get list. Hmmm, I think I’ve found an excuse to further bloat my tea shelves…

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Meghann M said

Let us know how you like it :)

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Well, it turned out that the Bethesda place doesn’t carry them any longer, so I ordered a PINO Pro Digital Kettle online. Received it last week, and so far here’s what I’ve noticed:

(not sure if there is another place on the site for kettle reviews; please point me there if there is!)

The set-any-temperature feature is nice. The temperature gauge on the kettle is accurate, and the water temperature is about the same in the entire kettle (testing with another digital thermometer which I know to be reasonably accurate).

The heat-to-X° feature is slightly weird, in that it heats the water quickly, then shuts off (or lowers power on, not sure) the element, but then… turns it back on, and then overshoots a few degrees. So it turns off too early, it seems. It does this both when filled to 1.5L and 1.0L. Weird, but easy enough to deal with by setting the temperature a little lower than I want…

The kettle runs in one of two modes: heat to X° or boil, then keep at X°. Keep at X° really keeps it at ±5°F or so. At higher temperatures (e.g., keep at 203°F) it has to reheat often. Once the kettle is started, there does not seem to be any indication which mode its in—so you’re never really sure you’ve got it in the right mode. But I’ve always gotten it so far, so, not a huge concern.

The other downside I’ve noticed is that changing the temperature is a pain. I wish there were programmable presets, like on a radio.

John said

It looks like people have been adding new “teas” under the company Teaware, There isn’t a whole lot there, but I think it would be great to build this up some more.

@John I hadn’t noticed that before, score!

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Interesting: it’s stopped doing its weird overshooting. Does this Pino kettle have some “learning” mode?

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