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Does anyone else buy or have purchased teas from Ebay? I purchased a 10 year old 250g Pu-Erh tea brick for my birthday a few months back and it is fabulous. I love how the earthiness hits me like a freight train when I smell it. I was just wondering if anyone buys tea periodically from there or do you steer clear from Ebay for tea?

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Cofftea said

I avoid all things ebay, but that’s just me.

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ssajami said

I’ve purchased from the Dragon Tea House that sells on Ebay. The tea was excellent (pu erh and some oolong) and the customer service was great. The shipping took awhile, but it ships directly from China, so maybe that’s why.

For Chinese teas, there are a few well-known shops that work on Ebay, that many have purchased from and that are reputable businesses. I would however stay away from lesser known stores.

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I’ve purchased a couple of times from Dragon Tea House. Shipping was long because it is coming from overseas, otherwise I wasn’t disappointed.

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It took awhile to get my Pu-erh brick from china….but it was well worth it! I’ve seen the Dragon Tea House teas and wondered about them. Thanks everyone!

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Chi of Tea said

depends on the vendor, there seems to be a lot of puerh deals available, just watch out for fake puerh, darjeeling or any higher end tea if dealing with a factory

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