Have you been wanting to try Whispering Pines? Three for $5 deal just launched!

Have you been dying to try Whispering Pines? I just set up a “Three for $5” deal for new customers to try out a few teas! Let me know if you’ve got any questions, and hope your week is awesome so far! :-)

— Brenden


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Tamarindel said

Thanks for doing this, Brenden! This is an awesome deal :)

No worries!

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Very cool – if you haven’t tried WP teas, you should go for this!!

Much thanks for the support :-)

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AJ said

What’s the shipping like to Canada?

Hey AJ! Shipping + this deal to Canada would come out to $13…unfortunately the shipping cost to Canada is insane right now :-( If anyone is still interested, let me know. I’d still be happy to ship there!

Also, I’m running numbers at the moment and I’m hoping to be able to drop my Canada flat rate shipping back down to $9.50 USD. Will update everyone on that later if that’s the case!

Arby said

Thank you WP. We know it isn’t your fault, shipping rates to Canada are ridiculous and you would be losing money by changing the same as US shipping rates. I mailed someone a calender a few months ago and paid $16 shipping WITHIN CANADA. It literally travelled three provinces over and it cost me $16 for an item that was half a cm think and weighed less than half a kg in weight. I wish the mail service could find a way to make it cheaper. I usually have to go in with a few people when I buy tea to make the shipping worth it.

I have heard of people using prepaid boxes when mailing from the US to Canada. You pay a certain amount flat rate but then you can make the box as heavy as you want.

Crazy…yeah, prepaid boxes are great if you’re shipping lots of compressed tea, but the size of them is limited and usually costs less to ship using first class mail international service. It’s also crazy that some businesses in the US use only UPS, so they’re charging $20 for shipping a couple ounces of something. Anything under a couple pounds should always go USPS, and I think it’s really on the retailer to research the cheapest shipping option, otherwise they are wasting the buyers money. I think the increase shipping from US to Canada recently came from the low CAD. It’s really a bummer.

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Arby said

AJ: I tried to buy the $5 sample and an $8 oolong sampler and the shipping was $19 to BC, Canada.

AJ said


Thanks for checking, Arby!

Where is the Oolong sampler? How many teas come in it?

Arby said

I was wrong, it was both pu’erh samples under GREAT LAKES LABEL PU-ERHRIPE → PU-ERH SAMPLES

Mookit said

Aw man :/ And here I was all excited to think I would get to try WP tea finally

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AAAAH YES!! Yay, so exciting! Just placed my order and I can’t wait!! :D

Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy! :-)

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MrJaimJaim said

Placed an other the other day! Thanks for this deal! C:

No worries, thanks for the order!

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Thank you! :D

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Ost said

Lil off topic but did you ever get any of my emails? I have sent a few over the last couple months but keep not getting replies,and now I dont see the teas I had asked for listed on your site anymore…:(

Just sent you a PM! :-)

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Lion select said

Awesome! I will check into this soon! :D

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