Going to Paris and London, any tea recommendations?

I’m flying out next Sundag to Paris and spending two weeks in Europe. Are there any tea places I need to visit while in Paris and London?

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Arby said

Palais des thes has an amazing raspberry green tea. I love their stuff.

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Rasseru said

RuiA mentioned there was one decent place in london to sit and drink chinese tea, I cant remember where it was. Maybe he will chime in at some point

Mariage freres should be on your list! Fresh yummy Darjeeling time http://www.mariagefreres.com/ Either in paris or London

Rui A. said

Also in France, besides Marriage Freres, there is Dammann with excellent teas as well.

In London, as Rasseru mentioned, there is Chinalife near Camden market where one can sit down and even sip tea gong fu style.

Sil select said

Laduree; Maison des trois thes; George Cannon; The o Dor are others in addition to the ones above in france/paris

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Anfeca said

I went a month ago to London. this store in chinatown is amazing.

Rui A. said

Thanks for the tip, another one for me to investigate.

Also in Chinatown the default Chinese tea served is Jasmin green tea but some places will serve you Ti Guan Yin if one asks.

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