Prince Tribute Tea

Redefining the definition of a “Tribute Tea”, I have named one of my purple cultivar black teas “Purple Rain”. 5% off with the discount code “PURPLEONE” for two weeks or while supplies last. If you order Purple Rain and mention your favorite Prince song or memory in the Notes section of the checkout, I will throw in a free Sampler Three Pack of other delicious teas. Rest in Peace, Prince. Thanks for the gift of your music and life.

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Love that you’re doing this and mentioned it here. Grabbed my attention for obvious reasons and thought the idea sweet to check out.

I gotta say, am even happier that I did as I’ve not been to your store before and am impressed and pleased over how much info you give about each tea and also, so much, that you make the note regarding tea weighing vs. measuring spoons with suggestions if doing the latter. That is something so few know about I’ve found and is really helpful in educating so people can choose what works for them.

Isn’t often and is nice when there is a good lot of info on what I’m buying and steeping on it that is aimed at that tea specifically and not a generic “it’s black so boiling water and 3-5 minutes” sort.

Am gonna grab some of this and probably a coupla others to try!

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