Nora said

What is the tea market missing?

Hey guys!

So excited to find this interesting community of real tea lovers just like me! I am very excited to launch my own tea online store out of few frustrations that I am experiencing in the current tea market offer. I am very curious to hear from you guys if you also have spotted some things that are still missing in the overwhelming offer of tea brands. What is that one thing that makes you frustrated? What makes it hard for you to choose a tea? Lets complain a bit :)

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Hallucinogen blends

Brian said



AllanK said

Isn’t that a different market entirely, only legal in about two states?

What about a mushroom tea blend?

Nah, you are just doing it wrong…if you drink enough tea, don’t eat or drink water, and don’t sleep you can totally hallucinate. Who needs additives when all you need is painful dedication :P

Nora said

Brilliant answers guys :D This would surely be a blast in the tea market :D But if seriously: I personally feel like there is sooo many teas in the market that it makes me confused. Opening a website of a tea online store and realizing that they offer 70 different teas – I just loose my hope to ever choose one that I will be satisfied with. Same as going to one of these pizza/kebab/sushi restaurants with a food menu that has 30 pages :D

elena-z said

I personally enjoy the variety.

Rasseru said

I enjoy the varietea as well. Har har

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