Problems with Nothing But Tea's online shop?

Is anyone else unable to access the online shop at Nothing But Tea’s website – ?

I haven’t been able to access it since they changed to a new server over Christmas – I just get “Our shop is currently unavailable, please check back soon”, which was the message they had up at that time.

NBT thought the problem might lie with my security software, Norton 360; I had a session with a Norton/Symantec support technician and he was pretty certain the fault was with NBT!

I gave up and bought teas elsewhere, but I had some really good teas from them and, so far, I haven’t found others as good; so I’m reluctant to completely give up on them. It would help a lot if I could find out if others are having the same problem or if I am unique in this.

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Uniquity said

I can see things in the shop, though since I’m not ordering anything I didn’t pursue it further than that. Have you tried using a different computer/internet connection to test for issues on your end?

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It’s that bit about seeing things in the shop that I can’t do.

Yes, I can get it on my mobile phone (but navigating it on the phone is a really frustating experience). I know the site is not down and I know that my PC can’t get it; what I don’t know is if my PC is unique in this or if it’s a wider problem.

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I have no issues navigating the site – I use Mozilla Firefox on a laptop running Windows 7 w/ McAfee as my security. Have you tried using other internet browsers on your computer, such as Firefox or Google Chrome?

It sounds like you contacted them – perhaps you can place an order by phone or email until you get the issue sorted out?

Contact info from their site:

Phone: 0845 601 8329
Fax: 01234 853 232
Email: [email protected]

Good luck!

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Angrboda said

Everything works as it should for me (I like their new look!)

Have you tried clearing your browser cache? Your browser might be remembering a previous version of the site.

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Yeah, I tried Google Chrome (normally use IE) – same difference.

And I did all the usual things like clearing caches.

I just tried Chrome -their site works for me on it as well. What a strange problem. :(

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I’ve just realised that when I access their mainpage (it’s just the shop that I can’t get to), that is the version they had up at Christmas, as well – it has the last dates for Christmas delivery.

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Hi NBTeas main page was changed severeal weeks ago and if you are still getting the Cristmas posting dates, you havent properly cleaned your Cache, you need to delete all your temporary files as well.

Done all that, and more, several times.

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Have you actually deleted from your favourite places/bookmarks, closed your browser and PC and then started again. It really does sound as if the history on your PC is remembering an old page. The active page of does not have the christmas posting dates on it.

Yep, done all that weeks ago; deleted cookies and so on (which I do most evenings, anyway); even reset my web settings.

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Something changed.

Tried the site last night and I got what I assume is the current version (I seem to remember a reference to a January sale). Then I clicked to go to the shop; it started to load – and it never stopped starting! The little blue doughnut was revolving round and round for about ten minutes before I gave up on it and closed the tab.

When I tried it again I got the text of the old version but no pictures – just those blank boxes with the little boxed ‘x’ in them. So I couldn’t even try to link to the shop – no picture of a cup to click on.

And that’s the way it still is this morning.

I hadn’t done anything that might account for the change since I’d previously looked at the site, so I’m pretty sure this is nothing to do with me and my PC.

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Honestly do not know what the problem could be. As both my computers here and at home are able to access and the shop with no hangups or anything else. Home I go through virgin broadband and use commodo for my firewall, and here I use BT for the broadband and AVG for my firewall. Home I use Firefox and here I use IE.

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