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Strawberry Genmaicha - Our Tea of the Week (Updated Thread)

please note: this thread is updated every week with information about the newest teas, including the tea of the week.

Tea of the Week for March 27:

Strawberry Genmaicha! – I started with my organic Matcha infused Genmaicha and added freeze-dried strawberries. A whole lot of strawberries! A simple ‘recipe’ that is simply delicious!

You can check out my tasting notes on this tea here: http://52teas.com/blog/tea-of-the-week-for-march-27-2017-strawberry-genmaicha/

Last week, our tea of the week was Mango Blueberry Crumble Honeybush – Organic honeybush from South Africa blended with freeze-dried mangoes and blueberries. It’s sweet and fruity, nutty (think a pecan crusted crumble topping) and warm from a hint of Allspice. Tasty!

You can order either tea here: http://52teas.com/this-months-teas/

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Sil select said

Happy Anniversary! Hard to believe it’s been a full year already!

52Teas said

Thank you! You’re right, it’s hard for me to believe too. Time has flown!

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Oo, sounds really lovely actually! I love making my own flavoured teas without using flavourings when I get tired of my one-estates leaves. It’s also quite meditative creating your own teas, and I love to give them to friends a family after! :)

I have come up with and tested a few recipe ideas too on my blog – check them out (the keemun mango tea, citrus dragonwell green and rose-peach silver needle!) :) https://www.eastcottandburgess.co.uk/recipes

Yulia X

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