Brand New to the World of Loose Leaf Tea

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Julia said

Anyone have any recommendations for a good peach tea? I haven’t tried any in loose leaf form yet. I’m also interested in finding a yummy blueberry tea that would be good for making iced tea.

Cofftea said

Dispite being an unflavored tea, I’ve referred to Adagio’s Dancong Aria as “peachy keen”.

Uniquity said

I like the peachiness of David’s Tea’s Zing Me – but it’s also really gingery. And it might not be peach, but apricot. : )

EDIT: Checked, it’s apricot and peach. Still fantastic.

Meghann M said

Rishi’s Blueberry Rooibos makes a delicious blueberry iced tea. It’s non-caffeinated, but pretty dang good.

Joy’s Teaspoon ( has a couple of teas that might fit your needs! Emperor’s 7 Treasures is a green/black blend with peach notes. It’s a really smooth tea. As for iced, our Schnozberry is a blueberry rooibos that is awesome cold…and I should know…I live in Vegas!

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For flavored teas I would recommend:

I also started a site where I list the best places I can find for particular types of tea. I have a page for Flavored/Scented Tea. Check it out:

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Chi of Tea said

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