Where can I buy a good tea plant?

Although I suspect my tea-making abilities are completely inadequate, I am interested in trying to grow my own tea plants and make my own tea.

Is this something I can do from seed? Or can I get a cutting from somewhere? Has anyone had success with this? Where did you get your tea plants?

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Networld said
tperez said

I ordered some seeds from them a few months ago and they’re growing nicely

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AllanK said

I am curious where in general you live. Tea generally needs certain environments. I think the place you live can’t be too cold. For instance I live in New York. I don’t think tea plants would survive our average winters. It may be pointless for you to buy tea plants if you live in a cold climate.

TeaLife.HK said

You could always bring it inside and stick it back out once it got warm enough!

A bit of snow is ok for tea plant. I think UK have a tea farm.

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Oh, I live in central California, so it’s probably warm enough most of the year. Good point, though.

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There is this group on facebook devoted to growing your own tea https://www.facebook.com/groups/letsgrowtea/ and also the US League of Tea Growers https://www.facebook.com/usltg/?fref=ts I am sure someone there could possibly even point you in the direction of where to get a tea plant locally.

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Odd that I just posted a link about tea growing this morning and then see this. It’s not the whole story but a good summary of some basic factors from a really authoritative source: https://tealet.com/usteaplanting

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