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Tea Stain (White Tee)

Figured you all would know, I spilled some English Breakfast on my white tee shirt at around 10am today( dunno if time matters). I was going to just try using peroxide since it yielded such good results on my bloodied garment, but idk if it was the best way to go about it. So how should I go about this Tea stain and tea stains in the future ? any helps is appreciated !

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I use a kitchen counter spray. Clorox Cleaner plus bleach, for a laundry spot remover. Wash only with other whites tho. I use this for teahouse lace table cloths. Peroxide doesnt work for tea stains.

Another option would be to tea dye the whole thing, if it doesn’t wash out. Tea tie dye could be a ‘thing’ use hibiscus for pink.
Hope this helps.

Yep since it is white I would just use a bit of bleach in the wash…or just never wear white because tea drips :P

I like the idea of a tea tie dye though and might do that

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