Golden Orchid is back! Also, 3.0 just launched! :D

GO is BACK after over a year of absence! After the Spring 2015 harvest of my usual base wasn’t quite “there” for me in terms of quality, I have been searching nonstop for a base tea sufficient to make GO with and I am very excited to say that I’ve found it!

Also, new website is up! I’d love to hear some feedback!

GO is linked below. This batch is small but more is on the way, so don’t fret if you miss it. :-)

From the pines with pride,

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Zack S. said

Like how available teas can be viewed all in one frame instead of having to scroll down for a while. However, I always thought there should be a way to click and see All Black Teas (which would reveal pure teas AND blends) instead of having to navigate twice. Seems good for sales too to make a one-click reveal-all option.

ETA on Cocoa Amore?

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll brainstorm some ideas on that :-)

Cocoa Amore will be available by early-July :-)

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