Weight Loss Teas

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I also would beware any health claims a tea claims to have but particularly ones related to weight loss. I drink my (over)weight in tea it seems every day and when I lose, it is because of a sensible diet and exercise. However, tea does play a role, just not the kind the slimming teas suggest.

I gave up 98% of all juice and diet soda consumption in favor of tea. With only using one teaspoon per cup, this actually works out to it being MUCH cheaper than sugary water, and at any given time in the house I essentially have 50+ different flavors I can seek out, not a possibility for that variety with sugary drinks. I dislike the plainness of water but do not like adding those fake sugary flavor packets to it, so I turned to tea. I occasionally very lightly sweeten a pot of iced tea, but that is it. Less sugar and less fake sugar helps a lot. I also am more likely to make a tea as dessert. Either one in a dessert-y flavor or a decaf chai, with a little sugar and milk. Overall calories are MUCH less than a “real” dessert, this is more hydrating, but it still feels indulgent.

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Jen M said

There is no scientific evidence to show that tea will help with weight loss. Warm water does just as much; it’s called the placebo effect. Even David’s Tea states on their website that The Skinny is a marketing ploy and that it absolutely will not aid in weight loss.

If you want to lose weight, go for a walk. Instead of eating a bag of chips, go for a bag of carrots. Diet and exercise are the only two “magical sources” of weight loss.

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