Alissa said

favourite summer iced tea?

what is your favourite summer iced tea? (:

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Nicole said

Apricot black from Harney & Sons, cold steeped for 24 hours. :)

ashmanra said

I made that today, and it is delicious! I have had it hot before, but I made a gallon, southern style sweet.

I’m in love with Berry me in Kisses by Tease tea! Such good quality! It has whole dried berries in it and white tea!

I’m really keen on Tangier from American Tea Room.

Dr Jim said

Summer rain by Art of Tea. Very light and refreshing.

Teasenz said

I love steeping a cold tea with dragon well green tea or da hong pao oolong tea. Cold brew takes much longer, but the flavor is better with less bitterness. Here’s a video guide to cold brewing if you’ve never heard of it:

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