Who do you know in Montana?

As of today, 52teas has delivered teas to 49 states in the US and the District of Columbia. Not to mention Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, New Zealand and South Korea…

I would really like to be able to say that our teas have been delivered to every state in the US.

So, the first order I get to be shipped to Montana, will get a bonus pouch. (I’ll take requests, but it could just be a surprise pouch).

So tell your friends up there—or better yet, just order something for them.

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brandy3392 said

Sort of off topic-
I’ll bet the order I placed earlier today made state #49 that you’ve shipped to (North Dakota). Normally North Dakota is #50 in everything ;-)

Back on topic-
Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone in Montana.

It sounds like they are #1 in jobs though! (ie, they don’t have an unemployment problem!)

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brandy3392 said

We’re also the #1 coldest state in the lower 48. The current wind chill is -23 degrees!

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Uniquity said

Then you can shoot to deliver to every province (Canada :D)

I think we have all of the provinces in Canada except Prince Edward Island, but I (if I remember right) we’ve only delivered to one of the three territories.

Our Canadian customers love us. How aboot that, eh?

Jillian said

What about the territories, Frank? Have you delivered teas to Nunavuut, the Yukon, or the Northwest Territories?

Just one of them. NT, I think(?)

Uniquity said

You’d think our Northern countrymen would be MORE inclined to drink tea! :)

You would think. I can only assume they are not as densely populated.

Uniquity said

That would be a solid assumption. : ) The three of them together have a smaller population than NS, my tiny province. Although one of the stats google spat out was that NS is the second most densely populated province. Hard to believe.

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teazen said

You might also be willing to expand you’re shipping to Europe. Especially sout-east Europe.

I’m always looking to expand the places we ship to. All it takes is an email from someone who wants us to ship to their neck of the woods and I get the ball rolling. There’s a bit too much research involved to just start randomly adding countries though.

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