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Tea & Meditation

Curious to see what teas people like to sit and meditate or contemplate with. I like drinking a White Peony mixed with some Silver Needle in the morning. It provides a gentle lift, and supposedly stimulates alpha brainwaves. It’s a good one for some quiet contemplation…

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My personal favourite is now extinct, unfortunately: 45 y/o Tie Guan Yin (Old Iron Buddha), from Cloudwalker Teas (our store). It’s aroma is sublime, flavour incredible and very potent chi energy. The woes of the world wash away and the mind and spirit are left in a zen calm. There are a lot of fake or “new” Tie Guan Yin out there, but this is the only one I’ve found that has this kind of effect on me. Alternatively, a good aged (over 30 years), sheng pu erh has incredible energy as well. It’s the tea energy I find that really contributes to meditation/contemplation.

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