Valentine's Day for Tea Lovers :)

Hey All,

We just wanted to share some of our Valentine’s Day Gift Sets that we just launched and our blog post with some awesome tea-inspired ways to celebrate the people you love with tea!

Sure sure some people think Valentine’s Day is only about Vavavoom gifts and romance, but we just believe it’s about reminding the people you love how much you care.

:) Happy V Day sipping

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Kristen said

Love the Heart shaped infuser!!! I am a valentine’s baby and get to celebrate my birthday and valentine’s all on the same day! Love all things heart! Will have to consider it a gift to myself :)

ha ha that’s lovely! a gift to yourself sounds like the best way to practice self-care :)

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I love this, but it is a little out of my price range. :(

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If you have a tea lover in your life, you might love some heart-shaped sugars…or some rose-flavored ones (I’ll be posting those later this week) from my company, Austin Sugarworks – :) They are kind of quirky, but def. affordable. Maybe pair it with a new tea or some (ahem) coffee, if they aren’t converted yet… :) Ha ha.

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those are lovely! everything looks so yummy

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@Sanctuary T, thanks!! :) It’s a new biz, so it’s been a real learning curve! :) Hope you are all keeping warm today!

@elaynecrain do you sell an assortment?

Hey, Rachel! I do…sort of. :) I’ve got a citrus assortment (lemon, lime and orange…) but have been just trying to get the packaging finished up, etc. Turns out assortments are really hard for UPCs, etc., so I have a lot of “6 of the same flavor but in different shapes,” too. :) Let me know what you are looking for…I’m putting a few new shapes, etc. up later this week.

Will do…thanks for the information.

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