Dr Jim said

Puerh TTB-5

The box is just about ready to mail on Tuesday. Here is the final list of participants in order:

HaveTeaWillTravel NY
Liquid Proust OH
Matu MI
Oolong Owl WA
tperez FL
Rich NY
Allank NY Allan Had to drop out
Dr Jim MA

The rules are similar to previous TTBs. I was going to skip this step but we have a new member this time around.

1. Please follow everyone on the list. It will make it easier to coordinate changes.
2. Take as much of each tea as you want and replace it with an equal amount of tea. Please try to add where you bought the tea. Don’t put more than about 1 oz of any one tea in the box. You don’t need a lot of variety; we get that by having a lot of people on the list. Adding only 2 or 3 teas is OK as long as the weight is the same. Try to maintain the quality level as well.
3. NO FLAVORED TEAS. ONLY PUERH and Puerh-like teas such as Heicha.
4. Please post your additions plus any teas that you finished off to this topic, so others can track the contents.
5. Try to send the box on to the next person within a week to ten days. PM them for their address when you receive the box. You can get their address in advance, but please don’t skip this step. Boxes have gone missing due to summer vacation, moves, etc. Remember that you can always take samples to try later.
6. Try to write reviews; it lets us all participate vicariously. Reviews are mandatory for the Bitterleaf tea and EoT teas. If a vendor is kind enough to donate teas, the least we can do in return is to write a review. you don’t need to be Shakespeare: just write up a couple of paragraphs about what you thought of the tea.
7. Try to wrap the teas well. There’s been a lot of discussion about packing for TTBs elsewhere on Steepster, and the consensus is that thin baggies don’t seal well enough. Heavier gauge ziplock seems okay but the consensus is that foil is best.
8. There are separate large bags to separate shou from sheng. Add an extra bag for anything that is really smoky
9. Mail via 2nd-day mail and get a tracking number. In general, a single-rate box is NOT the best option. However, for trips of more than about 700 miles, it might be. Please replace the box if it’s getting beaten up.
10. When you mail the box, PM me and the person you are sending it to with the tracking number. Also post to the thread the fact that the box has been mailed, along with a list of what you’ve added and what you tried.

Sorry for all the small print. I will post again when I send out the box.
Dr. Jim

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Dr Jim said

I try to hold myself to the same rules I ask others to follow, so here are my additions/subtractions.

I combined the two boxes and tried to sort them into the most appropriate mixes for the two groups. A large number of teas hadn’t been sampled at all in the previous rounds. Of this, I moved what I considered to be the best teas from each box to the other box. This process increased the size of the puerh plus box, and decreased the size of the pure puerh box. For this reason, most of my additions went to the original box. I then removed about 200 grams of tea, which I am sending to Liquid Proust for his free introduction to puerh packages. I figure this serves a purpose similar to the tea boxes, so the tea doesn’t go to waste.

I sampled 128 grams of tea from both boxes, and replaced it with the following:
YQH 2005 Yiwu Chawang 12 g (Puerh+)
2013 TU Peacock 15 g (Puerh+)
2013 TU Peacock 29 g
2015 CWS Hekai 14 g
2004 CWS Shi Kun Mu Menghai Gushu 13 g
2012 Chawangpu Yiwu Zhang Jia Wan Gushu 13 g
2014 Yunnan Sourcing Autumn Qing Mei 19 g
Tea Urchin Bao Tang 16 g

This is all sheng, since I don’t have much shou that is any good that I haven’t already put in the box. I’m still doing inventory but will post the box’s content around the time I mail it.

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Dr Jim said

The box is on its way to HaveTeaWillTravel. Should arrive Friday. The following inventory isn’t exact, but should be close (I did it a few weeks ago but shifted a bit of stuff from one box to the other).

2000 CNNP Zhang Xiang Bulang Yunnan Sourcing
2000 Yiwu raw brick ?
2001 Jing Mai Ancient Tree Essence of Tea
2002 Lingang Qiaumu “Diamond Cutter” Bitterleaf
2002 Yong Pin Hao ?
2003 Tuocha Minis MX tea
2004 CWS Shi Kun Mu Menghai Gushu Chawang Shop
2005 TeJi Tuo W2T
2005 Tsang Liu YQH
2006 100 Years old Red Awazon
2006 Ming-Yuan Hao YiWu 858 Puerh Museum Hou De
2006 TDR Bulang W2T
2006 Xiaguan Tuo Cha Humid Stored CLT
2007 Mengku Spring Tip Raw ?
2008 Jinggu Limited Edition Bana Tea
2008 Mr Feng Selected Trees Essence of Tea
2009 Pasha YTZ
2011 Autumn Mang Zui Yunnan Sourcing
2011 Chun Hai LongRun
2011 Cofco Chun Zhiyun Bulang Puerhshop
2011 Jinggu Spring Tea Urchin
2011 Pasha Mt YS
2012 Braided Puerh ?
2012 Chawangpu Yiwu Zhang Jia Wan Gushu Chawang Shop
2012 Naka Tea Urchin
2013 Awazon 1302 Awazon
2013 Awazon 1305 Awazon
2013 Bada Puerh.SK
2013 Huang Ying Menghai YS
2013 Spring Bao Tang Tea Urchin
2013 TU Peacock Tea Urchin
2014 Autumn Misty Peaks
2014 Bulang Tribute CLT
2014 Tao Cha Ju Mengsong ?
2014 Yunnan Sourcing Autumn Qing Mei Yunnan Sourcing
2015 Autumn Misty Peaks
2015 Bamboogie Jinggu Mandala
2015 Bang Dong “winter wings” Bitterleaf
2015 CWS Hekai Chawang Shop
2015 Da Man LV Haiwan
2015 QianJiaZhai Old Growth Verdant
2015 San Jia Shou Spring Yiwu Essence of Tea
2015 Ta Go Jalam
2015 Whole Leaf Beautiful Taiwan Tea Co
2015 Ye Zhu Tang Yunnan Sourcing
2016 Fade Sheng W2T
2016 Monkey Memorial ?
2016 Yiwu Spring Year of the Monkey Bitterleaf
80s/90s Wuyghon Liu Bao Essence of Tea
Purple Puerh Tao Leaf
Silver Buds Mandala
Snowy Mountain Royal Tea bay
Yiwu Mafei LCibp02

1989 Suncha Butiki
1996 CNNP “Green Mark TeJi” Yunnan Sourcing
1998 CNNP Jing Tea Shop
1998 White Tuo (Ripe) W2T
2005 Liu Bao 3 Cranes Guangxi Wushou
2006 Chunhai Gold Award Puerhshop
2006 Dayi 0562 Awazon
2006 Gongting W2T
2006 Menghai Su Si (Grizzly Brown) Bitterleaf
2007 Menghai Dayi Adorned in Red Mandala
2007 Yunhe Banzhang King Puerhshop
2008 CNNP Guangxi Lin Pao 8119 ?
2008 Shucha From Bulang Beautiful Taiwan
2009 Liu Bao Heicha Treasure Queen
2010 Yunnan Menghai Dayi Yunding King Tea
2012 Aged Royal Ripe Awazon
2012 Mengsong Puerhshop
2012 MGH 1204 Grade 7 Puerhshop
2012 Yiwu Zhengshan Puerhshop
2013 Chen Sheng Snake’s Aliexpress King Tea
2013 Menghai Dan Qing Menghai Dayi (MrMopar)
2013 Ontario WP
2014 Dayi Dao Cha Tuo Puerhshop
2014 Iron Forge CLT
2014 Top Yunnan Yellow Dragon Golden Needle Ripe Streetshop 88
2015 Pretty Girls W2T
2015 Rama Lama Bulang Crimson Lotus
2015 Red Shroom W2T
2016 Old Reliable W2T
Furyu Batabatacha Yunomi

Bitterleaf said

Just making a small name correction… the Yiwu we donated is our “2016 Year of the Monkey Yiwu” – Kelly is just the artist who did the work for the wrapper. I realize we didn’t make it super clear on the label, sorry :)


Dr Jim said

Thanks for the update. I fixed the list.

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Recieved! Ill be browsing and then sending out monday.

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Do I need to replace weight for the Bitterleaf teas or treat those as review donations?

Dr Jim said

Please replace the weight. The one time we didn’t replace was when we were given about 2 pounds of tea.

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tperez said

Only somewhat relevant to this thread; but in one of the previous rounds I tried a “2006 YQH Chawang” does anyone know which tea this was? There are three 2006 YQH teas with “Chawang” in the name in the database…


Dr Jim said

I believe it is the first. The original donation of multiple 6 gram packages was from Grill in the 3rd Puerh TTB. In response to a PM, Grill said:

“2006 chi hsiang or qixiang or way back on the houde days gushu chawang. The names have changed as we got the proper names from Mr Yang. That one can be really good at it’s best.”

tperez said

Thanks Dr. Jim!

Dr Jim said

My one caveat is that I believe someone else added some YQH that may have been different. If you took one of the original 6 g packets, then the above is accurate.

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Sorry for being so late, I sent the box monday. LP should get it today or tomorrow. I will post an inventory tomorrow afternoon.

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These are the teas I removed/sampled:

2016 Yiwu Bitterleaf Tea – 7g
2012 Naka Spring Tea Urchin – 7g
2013 Bada Puerh.sk – 8g (fin.)
2000 Zhong Xiang Bulang CNNP Yunnan Sourcing – 6g (fin.)
2006 Ming Yuan Hao Yiwu 858 Hou De Fine Asi… – 6g (fin.)
2015 Bang Dong Winterwings Bitterleaf Tea – 9g
2013 Yiwu Peacock Tea Urchin (So good) – 7g
2011 Jing gu Tea Urchin – 7g
2013 Bao Tang Tea Urchin – 15g (fin.)
2004 Shi Kun Mu Menghai Gushu – 7g
2005 Liu Bao 3 Cranes Guangxi Wuzhou T Fac… – 7g
1996 Green Mark Te Ji CNNP Yunnan Sourcing – 8g (fin.)
2002 Diamond Cutter Lincang Bitterleaf Tea – 7g

Total Raw= 86g
Total Ripe 15g

Total = 101g

This is what I added:

2015 Wild Monk Reprise Mandala – 12g
2012 Wild Monk Mandala – 15.5g
2015 Menghai Year of the Goat Yunnan Sourcing – 7g
2010 Yunnan Mengku Organic Abora King Tea 14g
2016 Fade White2Tea – 26.5g
2015 Pin White2Tea – 15g
1999 YanQingHao Mitsang Brick – 6g
2008 Hai Lang Hao Star of Bulang Yunnan Sourcing – 4g

Total Raw = 93g
Total Ripe = 7g
Total = 100g

I just noticed my mistake in my math as I was typing this, so I apologize. I was packaging this up very late Sunday night and rushed it.

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I got box and 5 people are coming by to wreck it July 30th. This tea party was preapproved.

Going to give each person a 80g cap. A lot of stuff will probably get finished off but I will go ahead and replace with new stuff at 25g each so multiple people can get some and discuss.

Will ship it out August 1st.

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Person 1
2012 Wild Monk, Mandela 4g
2013 Spring Yiwu Peacock Blend 3g
Snowy Mountain Royal Tea Bay 2g
2011 Pasha Mountain Y.S. 3g
2015 Hekai Cu Shu Xiao Bing Chawangshop 4g
2015 Raw Haiwan Du Ma Lu 4g
2015 Raw Pu-erh Beautiful Taiwan 3g
2015 Ye Zhu Tang Y.S. 4 g
2006 TDR Butang W2T 4g
Silver Buds Mandala 10g
2000 Yiwu Raw Brick 15g
2012 Chawng Pu Yiwu Zhongjia Wan Gu Shu 4g
2010 Yunnan Menghu Organic Abora King Tea 5g
2008 Hai Long Hao Stut of Bulang Y.S. 5g
2006 Awazan 100 Year Old Tree Raw 2g
2014 Autumn Qing Mei Shan Old Arbor Pu-erh Cake Y.S. 2g

Person 2
2014 Autumn Qing Mei Shan 6g
2009 Pa Sha 4g
2011 Chun hui Long Run 4g
2004 Shi Kun Mu Menghai GuShu 8g
2000 YiWu Row 8g
2006 TDR Bulng W2T 6g
2015 Ye Zhu Tong 4g
2015 Beautiful Taiwan Whole Leaf 2g
2006 Xiaguan Sheng Tuo Cha Crimson Lotus 6g
2015 Hawai Da Man 9g
Snowy Mountain Royal Tea Bay 2g

2012 Wild Monk Mandala 4g
2016 Fade Sheng W2T 4g
2015 Raw Huang Ying 5g
2015 Hekai Gu Shu Chawang 4g
2014 Fall Misty Peaks 10g
2011 Psh Mountain YS 10g
2005 Teji Tuo W2T 8g

Liquid Proust
4g of all the Bitterleaf Teas.

2014 Temple Stairs Ripe Mandala 42g
2015 Lu Bao YS 50g
2006 Old Haiwan mx tea 20g
2004 Yiwu mx tea 24g
2016 Bing Dao caicheng puer tea 18g
2016 Xi Gui caicheng puer tea 25g
2009 You Le YS 40g
2016 mx tea balls (2)
15g massive ripe balls (4)
2016 Gu Zu Qin Western Yunnan Tea 20g
Rummy Pu
2006 LaoBanZhang from Awazon 16g

Dr Jim said

So give us some more color: How did the party go? Also, please add vendors for Bing Dao,Xi Gui.

The tea meetup was awesome! https://www.meetup.com/Columbus-Tea-Lovers/photos/27159039/

Drank tea for 9 hours today!!!
TTB: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIdvrApgmzU/

Three of the five had to cancel for the TTB so only two showed. Both drove two hours and it was a wonderful time of getting to know one another while going through puerh and discussing tea as well.

I will probably take a few things, but I am super behind on sample drinkings.

(added info)

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Matu said

The box is here! I’ll probably at least start going through it today.

Feel free to distribute my bag if you want… Or leave it as weird/crazy like myself

tperez said

It’s still a ways off, but I’m already excited XD

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