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Book and Tea Pairing Recommendation

Hello everyone! It is that time again. I’m looking for tea pairing suggestions for my Tea and Book club.

This month we are reading The Martian. Yes, the one that was turned into a major motion picture. I haven’t seen the movie as of yet because I am the nerd who wants to read the book first.

So for those of you who have seen the movie or read the book, what kind of tea do you think would match well, based on the theme of the book. I have been thinking about different kinds of “red” tea. But don’t let that sway your decision making if you have something creative and outside the box. Thanks again!

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Freeze dried Lipton tea crystals. Steep in a ziploc bag.

mtchyg said

Haha now THAT is realism. If I do go that route, I will also offer another ahem slightly tastier tea so as not to punish my poor tea club members too harshly. That’s awesome though. See, that is why I post here. My mind didn’t even think in that direction. Thanks.

@mitchyg Here’s another idea. The whole book is about perseverance being in a place far from home. So here’s what you do. Look for teas grown in places that are non traditional. Perhaps focus on teas actually grown in North America. There’s not a lot of teas that can make that claim. For examples Sakuma Bros Tea in Bellingham. Those trees are far from their asian birthplace. I don’t think the processing style matters as much if you approach it that way.

mtchyg said

Excellent! I’ll look into that. Also, I’ve already ordered tea crystals. I’m not proud of it but since it’s just for a gimmicky purpose, I think I’ll “survive.”

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