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I’ve made my way into Beijing, and I’m looking to explore authentic Chinese tea experiences while I’m here. I’ve read a lot about Tea Shop scams on foreigners, so I’d love to enlist the knowledge of the forum.

Has anyone ever been to any great tea shops in Beijing? Or, even better, does anyone know of any day trips/excursions to tea plantations close to Beijing?

Much appreciated,

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Anyone know anything about Chinese tea shops or plantations?

AllanK said

I do know that the biggest tea markets are supposed to not be in Beijing. Or at least that is what I have heard. Someone more familiar with China such as Scott at Yunnan Sourcing could probably tell you more about tea shops in Beijing. There must be a fair number of them.

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DongBei said

You could download 百度地图 then search 茶城. I’m sure Beijing has at least two. My city has two (that I know of). They’re malls with dozens of tea stores. That said, if you can’t speak at least a little Chinese you might have a hard go of it. Maybe find a local who can speak English to help you? The scams are usually at what’s called 茶楼, you’ll be able to tell what it is because it looks more like a hotel or spa or something than a store. That’s where you get served some tea by a pretty girl and get slapped with a bill that can be hundreds of US dollars, plus you don’t even get to keep any of the tea!

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O.K. Thank you AllanK and DongBei, I’ve been to the occasional hutong tea store but was really craving a tea tour/plantation visit. Looks like that’ll be for next trip.

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