What do you think is the best Earl Grey Tea going?

I’m looking to expand my Earl Grey horizons, but would like skip all the bad stuff out there. I’d appreciate anyone sharing their thoughts on what is the best out there. I’m not put off by a noticeable amount of natural Bergamot since that is what gives this tea its distinctive flavor. The importance of quality, natural Bergamot notwithstanding, I’d still want a high quality black tea base to go with it. Thanks for your help. Bryan

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My personal favorites are:

Earl Grey from Lupicia http://www.lupiciausa.com/product_p/12405201.htm

Lord Bergamot from Steven Smith Teamaker: http://www.smithtea.com/shop/black/bergamot

Earl Grey from Damn Fine Tea: http://damnfinetea.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=7


Earl Grey from Joy’s Teaspoon: http://joysteaspoon.com/19-earl-grey.html

I also would like to add:

Earl Grey from Townshend’s Tea: http://townshendstea.com/black/earl-grey.html

Earl Grey from Tao of Tea: http://taooftea.com/detail.php3?pid=156&link=L3Nob3AucGhwMz9zY2M9OTg=

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Chi of Tea said

We have a nice Earl Grey Windemere:


Its a bit pricey compared to traditional earl grey due to the use of high quality darjeeling black oolong and silver needle

AllanK said

I get an error when I try to load that page.

I believe Chi of Tea is now closed.

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If you’re looking for a good tea base, try Harney and Sons Earl Grey Supreme. The tea base is amazing. The bergamot is zingy and fresh but not overly bergamot-y. If you’re looking for one heavy on the bergamot, you might not think this one has enough. I love it – my absolute favorite!!!

I have very little experience to compare it with, but I agree!
+1 on Earl Grey Supreme. :-)

Josie Jade said

I agree! Harney and Sons supreme version is really, really great!

I believe this is the blend that Captain Picard would appreciate? Earl Grey, Hot.

Ubacat said


They cut off the clip where the old lady says “Well of course it’s hot!”

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Lisbet said

My current favorite is Chi of Tea’s Earl Grey Windemere Oolong. SO GOOD.

Chi of Tea said

thanks! its really the best we have ever come across, but beware… its pricey due to the quality of the Darjeeling Oolong! We have another Earl Grey Oolong that is VERY similar, but still can’t compare to the Windemere!

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Our company offers two types of Earl Grey. One is the traditional form, and as such, has a strong presence of bergamot. The other is Earl Grey Lavender. It’s a bit more mellow in terms of it’s strength of bergamot and it’s blended with Lavender…rather soothing to the soul.

Now through Wednesday, if you purchase $15 worth of tea or tea wares we’ll throw in 1 oz free of any tea you want. After you place an order through our site (www.tea-addiction.com) just send an email to [email protected] with your name and the tea you want and we’ll send it with your order.

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yssah said

hmmm…how many EG’s have you guys tried? i know there are a lot of it out there. it would be nice if we can have a poll or something that compared the ones that y’all have. it will be a great help for newbies to decide which to try next of all those good recommendations.

Lazey said

I’m trying a whole bunch of Earl Grey right now… I love Earl Grey so much.

I like ETS double bergamot, though the leaves are broken up really fine.

Dorian Grey is ok, really creamy, but not as much bergamot as I’d like.

Kally’s Milord Grey I’ve recently tried just yesterday (Thanks Nicole!) and it is a nice combination of creaminess and bergamot.

If you want an Earl Grey to punch you in the mouth try Russian Earl Grey, think it has grapefruit rind and lemongrass as well as bergamot. I mixed it with my Dorian Grey and it was like the best ever.

I’ve been busy so I’m behind on my tasting notes… but I have a few Earl Greys posted.

yssah said

following you :)

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Valerie said

The Earl’s Garden by David’s Tea, and Earl Grey Moonlight from Adagio are my absolute favourites.

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I was a dedicated Twinings Earl Grey tea drinker, but I’ve noticed a real decline in quality over the last ten years or so. It has a really ‘dull’ bergamot taste so I’ve also started looking around. The best I’ve found is Mariage Freres various Earl Grey teas. Some of the additions include lavender and cornflowers, etc. Unfortunately, my wage doesn’t support a Mariage Freres addiction so the search continues. Of the teas mentioned, the only one I have seen in Australia is Harney and Sons so I might try that one.

Apparently T2 in Australia do a nice Earl Grey and a French Earl Grey tea so I’ll post a review when I get round to buying some.

yssah said

which EGs from Mariage would you recommend for the first order?

Keeping in mind that it has been almost a year since my last cup, the Highland Earl Grey and Earl Grey Imperial would be the two I enjoyed best. My Francophile EG-loving Aunt likes the Provence but of the floral EG teas go I think French Blue is better but I’m not a huge fan of lavender – except in the bath! I would recommend the Oolong EG which I had when I was in Paris in 2011 but I’m not 100% sure if it was Mariage Freres but I am not aware of any other tea company that does an Oolong EG.

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Lynxiebrat said

My current fave EG is a Victorian Earl Grey that I’ve gotten at my favorite tea shop. I recently posted a review of it. It has replaced my former favorite which was a EG Creme de La Creme. Unfortunately I do not know what companies the owner of the shop gets her teas from…she’s loath to reveal that info.

Even though this is not an EG, I am right now sipping a cup of H & S’s Tower of London, which has Bergamot in it and tastes quite delicious. So if your looking for something different but miss your Bergamot, give Tower a chance.

Lazey said

Seems to be a couple Victorian Earl Greys out there, has me curious.

Tower of London sounds good. I love bergamot.

Donna A said

I like several H&S Bergamot teas, including Tower of London, Diamond Jubilee, and Earl Grey Supreme.

yssah said

ooooh intresting!

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Lynxiebrat said

Go for it. If you are near a Barnes and Noble, try looking there to buy some…I was planning on buying this flavor in the full sized tin at my local B&N but then I saw the sample case at the tea store and thought that would be a better buy. Or see if the B&N serves it!

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