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So, now that I’ve found some sample pouches worthy of our teas, I’ve been collecting the leftovers (when I blend up a batch of tea, it rarely divides evenly into a number of pouches) and making sample pouches of them. I’ve kept a huge collection of leftover teas that were not enough to make a full pouch out of for months and months and months. Many of these blends have long since sold out and probably won’t be offered again. The samples are not consistently sized, but there’s at least enough for a couple or three cups of each, if not more.

I really don’t want to spend the time cataloging all of them (there is a very large box FULL of them). I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions what I could do with them. I’m kind of trying to decide between giving away a random sample with each pouch purchase or maybe selling a handful of random samples for a certain price. Maybe you guys have another idea.

By the way, we sold a ton of ValenTEAs. I hope you guys enjoy them. Even though I just did the 12 Teas sampler, I still underestimated the amount of work in putting those together. Between the ValenTEAs orders, the huge number of orders for our Coconut Cheesecake Honeybush, and the snowstorm slowing us down, I needed two temps on Thursday and THREE temps on Friday to catch up. I delivered a batch of packages to the post office last night to make Santa envious. (If your package is running a little late, I apologize, but it is on its way).

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What about offering grab bags for sale?

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I think the grab bag idea is good and adding them to regular orders.

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Free samples with an order is always fun!

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I would love a couple grab bags of leftovers! That would be awesome!

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Kristen said

Grab bags would be a neat surprise. And of course I would vote to include some in custom pound reblend orders ;) teasing!


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A sample with each paid pouch order would be great:)

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I would enjoy getting samples with each order, especially if the samples are ones that have been long sold out.

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Twynk said

Either way would be fun! If I were going to buy a grab bag, I would prefer to be able (and would pay a small premium) to select the types of teas (green, black, etc) that were going into the grab bag but that wouldn’t be necessary.

Cofftea said

I think at the very least “caffeine”, “no caffeine”, “mix”, and “doesn’t matter” options should be available. A lot of people can’t have caffeine and I’d hate for this to leave out people for medical reasons.

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Kristin said

I would also love to get samples with my orders! :)

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Meghann M said

I’d be up for grab bags, I’d love to be able to buy 4 or 5 miscellaneous samples for 7.99, or whatever the price would be. I’d just be sad that they wouldn’t be teas that would come around again.

Well, you can never say never. If we get enough demand for something, we can reblend it. I also take orders for reblends if someone wants to buy a full pound (and I have what we need for it).

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