Tea companies that do personalized packaging for wedding favors?

Hello! I’m getting married in September, and want to incorporate tea into our favors. I was hoping to find a company that could personalize the sachet wrappers. The closest I could find was the custom wedding tagalongs from Harney, but we’d need about 275 of them, so they’re a bit above our budget at that quantity. (Here’s the link, for reference: https://www.harney.com/wedding-tea-sachets-personalized-tagalong-tin-5.html.

Does anyone know any other companies that are able to accommodate? I reached out to a few others (David’s Tea, Art of Tea, etc.) but are unable to find anyone that can. The only other option I could find at the moment are those customization sites (mostly for corporate promotions), but I have little faith in the quality of tea. Hoping to find a good balance; something better than their generic black tea but without breaking the bank!

Thanks for any help or insight you can provide!!

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I would gladly do that! :) send me a message on here and let me know your ideal and we’ll see what can be worked out!

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Bitterleaf said

We’re in the process of incorporating some custom options for teas/teaware right now. We’re based in China and frequently work directly with packaging companies for customization, but also can do custom tea pressings (white tea or puer). Feel free to PM and we can discuss!

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My best advice for people planning weddings is to avoid stuff marketed as “wedding” :D

Anyway, hopefully you can work something out with the fine vendors who offered to help, but you may want to ask yourself if the 275 people you invited even drink tea. I certainly love tea and would love to share it with family and friends, but in the case of favors what usually ends up happending is a few sentimental types keep the wrappers and the rest gets distributed to whoever wants it the most (candy and bubbles to kids, nuts to that nut loving uncle, ect). You may want to think about having a “tea bar” instead with personalized boxes or bags. People can choose from an assortment, grab what they think they will drink, try a cup at the wedding, and anything leftover is in one spot for you and your “tea friends” to split up rather than the scattered individual favors that inevitably get left on the tables at the end of the night. You’ll be able to buy the tea in bulk, and the personalized containers from a place that specializes in them.

Just something to think about. And Congratulations!

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I searched ‘tea’ ‘favor’ and ‘wedding’ on pinterest.
There are plenty of ideas for less expensive packets. You could print your own, ‘tea for two’ or ‘Love is brewing’ and package with a favorite tea. Papermart is a great place for packaging.
Echoing the above ‘buy tea in bulk’ idea and do it yourself to save.

The $6 Harney tin is in the ballpark of what any tea company would charge and pretty reasonable when you consider 5 sachets and the tin per item customized.

AllanK said

I agree that Harney’s price seems reasonable and you probably won’t find it cheaper. Unless you go with a much lower grade of tea anyway. Harney’s quality is relatively high.

Thank you for all your help, and great ideas!

To clarify, I do think that the Harney tagalongs are a great value, however, as it’s been pointed out, with a larger and diverse crowd, it’s unlikely that everyone will be huge tea connoisseurs, and I assume many might go to waste. For that reason, an option that would give each person 5 sachets is not ideal, and I’d rather just give one sachet per person in a custom package, if possible. I do not deny that the Harney option is a great and affordable one, given what is included, but for our purposes and audience (and sheer volume) it’s a bit outside of our budget, since this is only one of a variety of favors we’ll be providing.

I totally understand your reasoning. It makes sense, especially as you have a variety of favors in mind. I only mentioned the value since you asked about ‘other tea companies’ doing similar. My guess is that you wouldn’t be able to find tea companies like those you reached out to, to do even a smaller item for a lot less.
The individual folded packets with your personalized details would be cute.
If you don’t have the tea picked out, look at my Almond Orange Rooibos. It is an herbal that has had the widest popularity in a diverse crowd when we serve it at showers and catering events.

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Not sure where you live… but you could see if there is a local brewery of kombucha nearby. That would be quite unique :)

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Arby said

I know design-a-tea offers this sort of thing.

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Thank you all so much for all your suggestions, ideas and insights! I love this community and am overwhelmed by your willingness to help! Much appreciated!

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Cryslyte27 said

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
I don’t do sachets, but I can do custom labels on our samples and 1 oz sized teas. Any of our teas are eligible (except we don’t do sample sizes of Matcha).
I can work with you on pricing, well below retail, and I can do the labels for no addition charge.
Check out what we have at theteaconnoisseur.com. If you don’t see something that you might want, just ask and I could probably get it.
I look forward to working with you.

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Following! My family will roll their eyes but won’t be surprised when they see that the favors are tea. I looked into Harney’s too but the minimum is about double the size of my guest list.

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We do personalized bings, personalized tea balls, and can help get cups/pots made with names on them, ect. Have done it for 3-4 people and went well. Send us an email @ [email protected]

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