Meghann M said

DavidsTea Valentines day offerings

I just drooled when I clicked on the davidstea website:


OMG…I think I know what I’m ordering this week. Now to decide if I get one, both or multiple for a gift for my MIL and Mother.

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Meghann M said

Except it is a bit spendy for only 4 chocolates and less than 2 ounces of tea…but very cute gifts!

I am contemplating showing hubby these and telling him that is what I want for Valentine’s Day, but, he never wants to buy me tea. He “claims” I have too much tea as it is. He doesn’t seem to realize that there is NO such thing as too much tea. sigh

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Very cute that’s for sure :-). However, there is no more tea money for a while. Just bought a new Sony Bravia 60in Flat Panel LED TV. Hope it is worth it. Still I have enough tea to supply a small country so I hope it will be ok. Franks (52Teas) concoctions are always the toughest to avoid though. Wish me luck.

Good Luck! The TV sounds awesome. We purchased a flat panel (I think it’s 55 inch but not sure) a couple of years ago (closer to like three years now), and are very happy with the purchase. Hubby loves his TV!

Thanks, I am getting a little excited.

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