25% Off Entire Order at Georgia Tea Company until March

Hey Steepster’s!

It’s been a while but I’ve been thinking about you guys and gals!

Here’s a deal for you. 25% off any order until the end of February. Can’t beat that! Just use coupon code ‘steepster’ in your shopping card while shopping or when checking out to save 25% off your entire order. Our prices are already very low, so this is a steal!

Any questions, feel free to comment or email me at [email protected]

Also, if you have a web site or blog and want to become an affiliate and earn 25% of any business you send our way, email me. I supply banners and links. Thanks!

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Wow – that is an awesome deal!

Hey LiberTEAS!

How are things?

Daniel: things are good. I just got finished writing a review for the Corsley Estate Nilgiri which will publish on the Sororitea Sisters blog on the 14th! I love that one.

Sweet! Thank you, I’m glad you like it! How is the blog going?

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brandy3392 said

That’s a great deal! I will probably be placing an order, but had a couple questions first. How many ounces or grams are your sample sizes? Do your teas come packaged in bags that are suitable for temporary storage, or do they need to be transferred to another container or tin?

Thank you for the interest!

Our sample sizes are 1 ounce. Makes about 5-10 cups according to the type of tea.

Teas come packaged in food grade, kraft colored, 8oz bags. They are poly liner bags, meaning they are inner lined with poly which keeps them sealed when closed. They are not as air tight as tins, but they still keep the tea fresh for about 4-6 months. Air light tins keep your tea fresh for about 1 year.

I always send a free sample with every order. I try to send something that you haven’t tried before.

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Cool! Another excuse to buy more tea! :)

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