dreamtea said

Great first time Teavana experience

I know Teavana gets a lot of hate here. I had an amazing experience.They weren’t pushy at all. I bought about 15 teas all ranging from 5-10 ounces, some rock sugar and a perfect tea maker. It came out to $300. They gave me great deals. Just want to let people know not all Teavana stores are bad.

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MrQuackers said

Didn’t think they were. :)

So what kind of delicious tea did you get?

dreamtea said

Citrus lavender sage, peach tranquility, tranquil dream, bluberry bliss, mint majesty, strawberry slender, chocolate chai, s’mores, youthberry orange blossom, black mango, raspberry limeade, caramel almond amarreitti, beach bellini. My favorites are the last 2 :)

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