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Steepster's Ultimate Holiday Tea Contest!

If you haven’t seen the awesome holiday contest we’re running, you should check it out here (http://steepster.com/holiday-tea-gift-bundle-2009 ). We’re giving away the ultimate tea holiday tea bundle featuring our friend and product designer Joey Roth’s Sorapot, along with teas and tea accessories from eleven (count ‘em!) tea companies. The whole thing’s worth over $825 and one lucky winner will get it all. Hop on over to the link for the full list of prizes and contest rules.

You have until Friday, December 18th 8pm EST to enter, and all you have to do is tell us what tea you’d make first if you won! And feel free to discuss the contest and its prizes here too.

UPDATE: The contest is now closed! We’re currently gathering the entries and will randomly pick a winner very soon. We’ll then contact the winner and let them know the awesome news. Good luck to everyone!

UPDATE #2: The Winner is Matthew Bischoff (http://steepster.com/matthewbischoff)! You can get more details on our blog here (http://blog.steepster.com/post/295482683/steepsters-ultimate-holiday-tea-contest-winner). Thanks again to everyone who entered!

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I love you, Steepster Overlords! You guys rock!

I’m going to go look at the teas now and see which one I’d drink first.

Edit: I would make Tavalon’s Peach Oolong first because I love peach and I love oolong.

lkolpin said

What an awesome prize. I’d love to win!

J. Mooy said
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So many delicious choices…. I would probably make the Red Ginseng first, then plan out my days marked by teas to try!!

I would definitely make a pot of Coconut Pouchong in that gorgeous tea pot first! I hope I win! That would be the MOST amazing holiday gift…EVER!

Jenny said
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I would make Red Dragon Pearls as it would be gorgeous to watch the leaves unfurl gracefully in that pot

Simple said
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pmoy1 select said

Would love to be part of the contest…. Love my Passion Tea from Starbucks and well anything from Stash…

sarahnak said

I would use the UTILITea kettle to finally get the right temperature for different kinds of tea!

noteabags said

If I won I would try the coconut pouchong, it sounds YUMMI!! THey all look so good. That Kettle is great how you can watch the leaves i wonder if it cleans easily

barry said

This is an incredible give-away. Thanks Steepster!

the1 said

How do I love tea? Let me count the ways.
I love tea to the smell and taste and warmth
My senses can reach…
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
11 ways for the # of companies participating in the contest,
825 ways for the value of the prize
And ONE way more than all others, that is if I am the ONE winner.

I’m just a humble tea noobie, so winning this incredible gift package would be a real boost to my “career.” I’d go for Golden Moon Tea’s coconut pouchong first. Then, who knows. But it would be fun.

andy said
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lhalnan said

Green anji by Adagio! Why such a big prize for one person? Sounds like you could make a lot of people happy! Well, if I win, I spread the joy!

biggly said

I will make vanilla rooibos latte … lightly sweetened with honey, to warm the holiday spirit IF I win the contest!

I would steep up a big pot of Wuyi Oolong from Red Blossom, to share with alll of my friends in celebration! :)

your career? you could put it on your tea resume?

onahill said

Ok, I am ready to be the winner, choose me ……

jheatley said

If I won this contest, I’d share the crazy gobs of tea with my family & friends & also try to have regular tea parties. I think the first tea I would brew in the Sorapot would be a handblended herbal mixture that I dried from my garden this summer: peppermint, lemon balm, & red clover.

Cofftea said

Red clover and lemon balm- 2 more to put on my “to grow” list. Thanks!

armistad said

A nice cup of Kyoto Cherry Rose would go excellent with the news of being a winner.

squeeful said

It would have to be Teavana’s Peach Momotoro blooming tea because white peach tea is delicious and a clear-sided teapot begs for a tea that is as beautiful brewing as it is drinking. Much better than crappy television.

Tirtsah said

this is so great. Tea is a social drink, and this little webpage is a great way to get to know other tea drinkers!!! And it is a great offer to win the tea pot set! That is awesome.

DebTea said

What a wonderful prize package!!! You and all of the “tea guys” are so generous…Thank you! I believe I would have to brew Adagio’s Special Blend “A SweetHeart Trio”…Sip back and enjoy the brew and the beauty before me.

I would try the White Peony first – it sounds outstanding!

Thank you to Steepster for this contest; it’s a great idea at the holidays especially!

Amy Holt said

OMG this is such a prize! The question would be who I would share the tea moments with!

Heyes said
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Traceewtwo said

If i were to win this gorgeous piece of art i would make my cinnamon tea blend!

tangaloor said
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Squeezle said

Ya know Tea guys, you are just awesome! Thankyou for this social site to share our passion and thankyou for a wonderful opportunity to have a chance at winning a generous and Kind gift . Golden Monkey in my cup!!!

TheNish said

I’d start with a loose leaf green tea. Matter of fact, I may never stray from that tea. :-)

EdMann said

If I won steepster’s contest contest, the first tea I’d make with joeyroth’s Sorapot is Andrews & Dunham Ceylon – served over ice.

I’m in, thanks steepster

MH_Bonham said

I’d probably make Ti Kuan Yin or maybe some Black Dragon Pearls!

parTealady said

This is a fabulous giveaway. What a treat it would be to have so many teas to sample and that gorgeous pot to brew it in. First I’d try some Golden Monkey or maybe an oolong. It would certainly be a difficult choice.

Pick me!

Ooh, this is awesome! That tea pot is gorgeous and I’d never need tea again!

Thanks for offering this, Steepster!!

TeaTalk said

Hey there! It’s @TeaBoat! I love tea and I love to win! Would love to use this teapot for @EarthBoundTea ‘Green Wink" If you haven’t tried it, you should! Cheers! spinning the wheel

In so far as I win, I’ll share the fabulous tea things with ALL my wonderful neighbors — adding lots and lots of truly delicious goodies (including handmade marzipan treats, lovely lemon currant scones, sweet and salty pecans — and more!). You’re all welcome to come over, too! :o)

DSchmitt said

I think I’d make a nice Assam TGFOP tea with this. The pot is interesting. It’s similar to the French press that I currently use, but with a lot more surface for the tea leaves. Cool site, too. :-)

(blushing…because I didn’t even mention which tea I’d brew first!)
OK — I’ll definitely start with the matcha; brew up a nice bowl of “thick” tea. LOVE matcha!

kikoH! said

If I won this contest I would brew some spicy yerba mate, simply because it is the only tea I can afford and the most recent passion encountered. Shortly after I would make a short film about my love for tea and share the wonders tea brings to us… as a whole to the community. While waiting for the boiling whistle I would sit and think about the pleasures the dharma bums experience while drinking this herbal bliss.

Message deleted by author.
MattH said

Looks amazing – thanks Steepster! I would try the 1001 Nights tea first.

ge0ff73 said

Great Holiday Contest. I’ll first drink White Monkey from Adagio if I won this prize.

gkrieg said

I would start with the 1001 nights

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The prizes are really amazing. Thank you and the tea companys for doing this. If I would win I would brew tavalon serenity first.

Kelly said

They really are amazing! That electric kettle is great, I’ve had the same one for 4 years and it still works perfectly.

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teaplz said

OMG this is epicness and amazing and so awesome on so many levels. I WANT IT. If I won, you’d probably have to brew up some alcohol for me to revive me because I’d be on the FLOOR.

Hehe, teawise, I’d definitely love to brew up TeaFrog’s Chocolate and Cream first, because that sounds absolutely delicious.


Cofftea said

“If I won, you’d probably have to brew up some alcohol for me to revive me because I’d be on the FLOOR.” HAHA! teaplz, I’m already there and it was just announced! I just got on to check something quick before making my morning bowla matcha and now am so glued to this thread I’m going to read it in its entirety before tearing myself away. Congrats steepster! You’ve torn me away from my matcha! I hope there are more contests of any size in the future! I’d be thrilled for even a sample or 2!

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~lauren. said

Talk about gorgeous!!! WOW!

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Auggy said

OMG – SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!

I’d have to make the Steamy Sampler’s Halo. Because honestly? Any tea that “blossoms a rainbow ring of jasmine and amaranth flowers” would look AWESOME in that pot!

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drool !!!!!! !!!

I would make the Wuyi Great Red Robe… I love how oolong unfolds itself! :)

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TeaParT said

The prize package looks amazing. With so many choices, I would be like a kid in a candy store but my first choice would have to be the Art of Tea’s Velvet Tea. Reading the description, I am reminded of a quote from the MASH tv show — “Not enough o’s in smooth.”

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Wow, very cool contest. I hadn’t even heard of many of those tea companies before, let alone tried their teas.

I’d try Pearl Teas’ Jade Oolong first, followed by Earth Bound Tea’s Organic Long Jing.

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DavidT said

Wow what a great contest, that prize bundle is tea-riffic!

If I were to win I’d first brew up the Assam Reserve from the Teas Ect World Championship Black Tea Sampler, because out of all the varieties, I love Indian teas the best. Then after I’d break out that tea set from Maeda-en, as I’ve never tried matcha before.

Thank you Steepster, and good luck to everyone!

Cofftea said

I’m looking forward to reading about your 1st matcha experience whether it’s this brand or another!:)

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coral23 said

wow. AMAZING prizes.

i’d make the coconut pouchong first. i’ve never had coconut tea before but that just sounds yummy. =]

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