Good Morning Steepsters

I woke up and chose my tea carefully, Hediard Madeline spoke out to me . This is a wake up and be blissful blend. Overtones of citrus, and vanilla entwine this lovely black tea from Paris. While enjoyed black, you can add minimal sugar and cream and it’s a delight.
Hediard Madeleine is available from The french Maison on Ebay
Teablender1 Skye, Exquisite Teas on FB, and on Delphiforums

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Batrachoid said

I don’t want to be rude but this sounds more like a misplaced tasting note than a thread subject. Perhaps you had multiple windows up?

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AJ said

I was going to say something similar, but ended up refraining. I have trouble sounding not-rude myself, sometimes.

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