Chi of Tea said

Pu-erh Aging and Storage Stories

So, I am sitting here sipping on some 2005 young green pu-erh, you know… one of those cakes you bought a year and 1/2 ago and forgot all about. And along its forgotten days it aged quite nicely. I am not sure where it picked up a chocolate mint aroma, but is sure adds to the overall character nicely. Maybe it was packed up with other tea from the shop at some time… maybe it was always present and the aging brought it out. Either way, it’s one of those experiences that will never be duplicated again.

I noticed there were quite a few Pu-erh lovers in the community here. Anyone else have stories about their pu-erh aging and how storage enhanced or degraded the overall character of your Pu-erh treasures?

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Azzrian said

Selfishly reviving this thread as I am curious if anyone has these stories now that I am getting more invested in Pu-erh.

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TeaVivre said

The right method for storing pu’erh tea is very important. If you have a right method, with the time goes on, the aged-pu’erh tea will even taste more perfect. So here just share the advice on how to store pu’erh tea properly: to keep it at a consistent cool temperature, with a consistent low humidity levels, outside of direct light sources and airflow, with no strong odors or unpleasant odors in the air. Pu’erh tea stored in this manner will result in a high quality and delicious pu’erh, now or even years in the future.

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