Take It Away - Part Deux

OK, thanks for all the responses! Most are spoken for, but in the interest of sharing the wealth, as the cliche goes, I am splitting up the teas into smaller samples. So Just let me know.

If you can’t PM me, just e-mail me. I’m assuming no one here is a spammer so I am going to post my e-mail: [email protected].
-Coconut Cheesecake: 52Teas
-Lemolicious: 52 Teas (TAKEN)
-Haute Chocolate: Teavana
-Kitchen Sink: 52 Teas (TAKEN)
-Christmas Eve: Stash Tea (bagged) I’ve got boxes left; I ordered too many.
-Artichoke green: Adagio (TAKEN)

I may have some other teas; I’ll post here if I discover more.

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I would be very interested in the first 3 – would be willing to trade for anything in my cupboard, which isn’t very much. I don’t have large quantities of anything generally as I buy small qty to try lots of stuff.

I would also be willing to pay shipping via UPS (can send you a tag or give you my UPS# via email) since I likely won’t be able to make an “even” trade. Let me know – thanks :-)

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Hey guys, just PM me. I think it will be easier. :) I can divide up the items too… and please don’t worry about shipping costs or anything. I am just happy they are finding homes!

KeenTeaThyme please follow me so I can PM you. Thanks!

OMG – so sorry! I could have SWORN I was already following you. I made the change. :)

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I can’t PM. For some reason it won’t let me.

Batrachoid said

She has to follow you for you to PM her. It’s to prevent harassment/stalking you undertand. (^_^;)

I just started following you and sent you a note. :)

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Uniquity said

I’m actually in the same boat as Dale, though I’m following you, it won’t let me PM you. Sorry to disregard your request not to clutter the thread, but I would love to have Kitchen Sink (52 Teas) and Christmas Eve (Stash) if you’re still looking to “dispose” of them.

Also, I’m sorry you’re not only prone to migraines but TEA-caused migraines. That sounds like unnecessary anguish. :(

I don’t know what’s up with you not being able to PM me… seems very rude. Anyhoo, I’m splitting up the teas so I can help as many as possible. I have plenty of the Stash tea though so I can send you a box.

If still interested, e-mail me at [email protected] and we’ll work out the deets.

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Elyse said

I’m interested in anything but the artichoke one. I’m willing to trade anything i have in my cupboard

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Howdy kids! I got a few things if anybody is interested. . .Just got a few samples of some 52 teas that I have tried before and they just weren’t my style. . .if anybody would like them holler!

Never opened:

Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jelly-52 teas sample
Fruit Cocktail- 52 teas sample- TAKEN

Opened-2 tsp missing:

Ultimate Citrus Spice-52 teas- TAKEN
Blueberry Syrup- California Tea House-TAKEN

I’ll PM everybody about the ones above. Thanks!!

Holler if you are interested! I’m always up for any kind o swaps!

Kristen said

Would love to try the fruit cocktail sample! I will try to pm you!

Kristin said

Hi, I’d love to try the blueberry syrup if it’s still available. I’ll PM you.

Alana237 said

I’d love to try the Ultimate Citrus Spice if its not taken!

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Crocuta said

I wouldn’t mind trying the artichoke one if it hasn’t been claimed yet. :)

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Jude said

Hi KTT — Following you so we can PM… I’d love to try the haute chocolate.

There’s plenty of this available. Only one other person was interested from what I can tell. PM me and I’ll send you some. :)

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May I try the strawberry peanut butter one if its not taken?

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Jillian said

If you have any left KeenTeaThyme, I’d like some of the:
-Kitchen Sink: 52 Teas
-Christmas Eve: Stash Tea

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