Tea lover and pregnant

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Zig, if you re-read my message you will see that I said I found the TONE of your post condescending and offensive. Your post came off as patronizing and lecturing, and in my opinion, to compare the impact of a cup of tea (which has less caffeine than coffee) on a fetus to the impact drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes throughout a pregnancy, is ridiculous, unless you have some medical credentials or studies that back up your claims. That is my opinion, and whether you like it or not, I have every right to express it, just as you have the right to express your opinions.

I’m sorry for your troubles and your health issues, but I don’t see how they enter into a discussion on tea drinking during pregnancy or make you some kind of expert on what pregnant women should and shouldn’t do with their bodies. Peace to you as well.

Cofftea said

I’m also a woman and did not take it as such. Tone is awfully hard to convey and perceive accurately in written word.

I’m getting the feeling that ZigZag is just a troller, looking to start something. Don’t worry about him, Susan. Cofftea – I do disagree, tone can be conveyed in the written word, but again to each his/her own.

My thought is this – tea is supposed to be fun and educational. So when someone like ZigZag comes along and tries to start something, we should just ignore him. Why let someone like that take the fun out of tea for us?

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What a surprise to see that ZZ has no tasting notes. Seems like he just dropped in to spread his good word around. I wouldn’t take this too seriously. We recently had two others doing this on the Japanese radiation threads.

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