Flavored Matcha ideas or recipes

Hello everyone,
I’m new to trying matcha and was wondering if anyone has any ideas regarding the best flavored matcha blends out there or some really delicious recipe blends. I can’t seem to drink it straight as the earthy flavors are not my thing but I still want to drink it :)

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MrQuackers said

I like sugar with my matcha. I find that it compliments different foods eaten next to it. Simply put a few spoon fulls of white sugar in. You will know when you reach the desired sweetness. Or you can reduce the sweetness if you are eating something sweet.

My own opinion is that flavoured matcha is a waste of good tea. Remember that matchs is made from high quality Gyokuro. Also, as the matcha ages, it may pick up a more vegetal / earthy character that you don’t like. Try to get the freshest matcha straight from Japan. Higher grades should be smoother as well.

Today I had matcha with a salty snack, it seemed to bring out a seaweed flavour.

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Red Leaf Tea does amazing flavored matchas!

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Thank you :) I’ll try sweetening it and the Red Leaf Tea site looks awesome!

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