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Since beginning to drink tea I have lost my palate for coffee (is this common?). I used to live for that morning cup of java, but now it’s just not doing the trick for me. I am looking for a morning tea with a lot of flavor to help me start the day. Caffiene content really doesn’t matter.

Any suggestion?

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Hey Casadetrevino,

The most common response to this question would probably be to suggest a “black tea” or a “breakfast tea” like assam, earl grey, lady grey, or ceylon op. But then again whose to say you must drink one type of tea in the morning… and I’m not sure if this really follows your definition of “flavor.”

Could you elaborate on what flavors you want from your tea?

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I am pretty flexible when it comes to flavor. I am still new to tea so I am quite open. There are some teas you mentioned that I haven’t yet tried yet, I’ll give those a whirl.

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Atacdad said

It may sound too easy, but I’d look at teas with “breakfast” in their name, like English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast. All of the quality classic Breakfast teas that I have had are black tea blends with varying levels of “briskness”. What I like to think of as the kick you in the face wake up, rinse your mouth out astringincy.

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Uniquity said

I drink whatever tea I want to drink for breakfast, but I’m terrible at following rules. Today I had bagged Lady Grey, then loose Ruby Red. Yesterday I had bagged cranberry from Presiden’t Choice. I’ve actually never had English or Irish Breakfast teas, likely because I tend to go for flavoured.

Something with a lot of ginger or other spices would likely be a kick in the morning – Maybe a chai or a ginger/black tea. Occasionally I go for 52Teas Lemolicious which has guayusa because it’s supposed to be such a balanced stimulant. I’ve never noticed any effect, but I’m not really affected by caffeine either, at least not that I notice.

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Breakfast seems to be when I want my tea. I drink honeybush in the evenings.
Here is my list of go to teas for the mornings:
Sinharaja-Golden Moon
Blood orange black-drink the leaf
I have been on a search for a cream earl grey…found one from distinctly tea that is really good, but I don’t seem to reach for that much. The tips are what I reach for the most…you gotta love that monkey:)

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THX2250 said

There are some good suggestions above, but I will throw in my advice anyway!

Here are my recommendations:

If you like a rich, malty flavor, drink some Assam teas. This is my morning standard.

If you want to try something that is a bit brighter, there are some Chinese black teas, such as black teas from Fujian, which are also quite delicious along with breakfast.

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Thank you all for the great suggestions, I’ll be trying some of these out!

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