Crocuta said

Tea Confessions

Because sharing juicy secrets always makes things loads more interesting, hm? ;)

I’ll start!

1. I got into tea-drinking because of Celestial Seasonings box art. The box art for Tension Tamer in particular was the coolest things in existance to 8-year old me. It then became an ambition of mine to draw box art for them one day. (I did become an artist, but fortunately I developed better standards for both tea and art)

2. I drank green tea with milk and sugar until I was 14 or 15 years old. I know.

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3. I used to drink only bagged tea, and get this: I’d leave the tea bag in the cup for the ENTIRE time. Only in my late teens/early 20’s did I realize I could – gasp – remove the tea bag to avoid bitter flavor.

I can hear all of you laughing – with me, this time! :)

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Uniquity said

I did nearly the same, KTT, only with a good tablespoon of sugar as well until I was in my late teens

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Spirals said

I like the taste of Lipton tea.

oooh! That REALLY took some guts! :D

TeaLover58 said

Don’t worry…me too. :/

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I eat Genmaicha. With a spoon.

Batrachoid said

I eat it in chocolate. The same goes for matcha iri genmaicha. If it were a little more “normal” the potato chip industry would go bankrupt.

Yes! That should not be weird, reuse your leaves!

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Oh, QuiltGuppy, thank goodness. I eat the strawberry lemonade tisane from Teavana – also straight from the package! Stole a few bits from the Shanghai Orchid as well.

Genmaicha is soooooooo good! The strawberry lemonade sounds yummy and the Shanghai Orchid is just in my cabinet… calling me… ;)

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Crocuta said

I’ve been tempted to nibble on dried fruit in tea blends before… I might just have to actually do it now. ;)

I do that sometimes, both while they’re still dry, & also after the steeping when that are rehydrated.

TeaLover58 said

I ate all of the jelly beans from my Jolly Jelly bean tea…mostly because the tea its self wasn’t that good. I’ve also eaten some of the dried fruits from my tea as well.

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Ottawa Tea said

My 17 year old got me into tea. I’ve become obsessed. It started with oolong and now it has moved to tisanes as well.

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brandy3392 said

I use tons of sweetener in my tea. Everything must be about as sweet as pre-sweetened iced tea (Nestea, Lipton, etc). Most people here would probably find my tea undrinkable.

I once had a coughing fit while drinking tea and ended up spitting tea ALL OVER my dog. My poor Chihuahua was soaked! She ended up smelling like Celestial Seasoning’s Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride for several days. Mmmmmm… a Chihuahua that smells like baked goods :-D

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teawing said

I frequently set the tea timer App from Teavana to 9:50 just to listen to the timer music. Oolong and White are my favorites!

In highschool I suffered from anglophilia and drank black tea with milk and sugar to get in touch with my inner Brit.

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I’ve also at some point left in the tea bag the entire time…more out of laziness, though. It was Earl Grey and I thought it wouldn’t matter because I mixed in milk and sugar.

And I once chewed on wet fruit bits from a fruity tisane because I thought they would taste good.

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