Tea Confessions

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Ninavampi said

I named my dog after my favorite tea at the time when I got here: Sencha! And now when people call her I get a kick out of knowing that they are saying a tea term that might never have known otherwise!

I love to drink highly caffeinated teas right before bed!

I have so much tea that I could never physically drink through all of it without it going bad! To fix this I give little tea care pacs to people with double intentions: saving my tea form going bad and hoping to get them into tea!

I love spending time on Steepster and miss my Seepster friends when I have been away!

T.C. said

Who do I have to bribe to get on the care pac list lol!
I’m with you on the caffeinated teas…..for some reason I love rooibos in the mornings and greens at night. Go figure.

Andie select said

Omg! I named my dog Sencha as well! That’s so cool!

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