Which Companies Sell the Best Teas?

Which companies can I rely on to stock and sell the best teas the world has to offer. Conversely, which ones should I avoid altogether? Thanks. Bryan

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Uniquity said

I feel like there is at least one current thread on this topic at the moment…Check out http://steepster.com/discuss/1383-quality-tea for responses.

If you like flavoured teas and herbals, I recommend David’s Tea, Joy’s Teaspoon, 52Teas and Harney & Sons.

Thanks for the link to the related thread. I’ll also check out the companies you listed for flavoured teas and herbals. Bryan

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I think there are different types of tea from different companies I would suggest over others…by that I mean…if you are looking for awesome Greens – I would suggest 2 or 3 companies. If you are looking for a wonderful Black then I would probably suggest a few other companies, etc…

There are TONS of great companies out there. If you have specific interests feel free to drop me a PM and I would LOVE to pass along some of my faves!

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