Will Blog For Tea - Companies that will send Bloggers Tea?

List any companies or links here that will send bloggers free samples of their tea for an honest review

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Lynxiebrat said

Thought about starting this topic, but glad I found this. I know of two in particular:

Fusion Teas

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Nature’s Tea Leaf is always looking to to get the word out about our online store. We may not be able to accommodate every blogger but we certainly will try. If you are interested in receiving free samples we are looking for honest reviews. Feel free to follow Nature’s Tea Leaf and message me about your blog. Include your mailing address and I will be in touch.


P.S. Thanks T.E.B. Great idea!

Hi Denise~ I have followed you. Please follow me so I can PM you

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Tea At Sea said

Tea At Sea (http://www.tea-at-sea.com). Would love to hear some reviews about our tea.

Please send an email to teaatsea @ hotmail.com with your address.


The team
Tea At Sea

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We just launched on Kickstarter and are eager to get reviews up soon on Steepster. PM or email info @ justorganictea and we’ll hook you up.

-Just Organic Tea

pyarkaaloo said

would be very interested in sampling & reviewing! i love black teas & chais so i’ll probably love your tea :D

Very interested in reviewing organic teas!! I’m open to any kind of free samples in exchange for some steepster reviews or your website, whichever will help more:) if you could follow me, I’d be happy to PM you with more info.

Thanks to you both – samples will be sent out tomorrow. Did you get a chance to check out our Kickstarter? We’d be grateful if you could share the link on your FB or other social media. Here’s the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/justorganictea/just-organic-tea-the-very-best-tea-delivered

same here!

darky said

do you send out samples to europe?

moraiwe said

Would also be very interested in sampling an reviewing :)

If you’re interested in reviewing, follow me, and I’ll follow back. Then you can send your address for shipping. @Darky – I am willing to send free samples to Europe, but you would need to pay for the shipping. That would run around $10. Let me know if you are still interested.

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MissB said

I’m a writer as well, and I get a lot of samples every day. Usually a box or two, depending on the company and the week.

So while I’m at a loss to help you with specific tea companies, what I would suggest is this:

- Talk to a few PR companies, let them know what you do and specialize in, give them a link to your site, and you’ll start getting regular pitches in no time to try teas, books, and related paraphernalia.

- While it’s far from actual tea, if you also review books, NetGalley is an amazing resource for bloggers and reviewers.

- I have a system now if I want a sample of something from a company. I send an email to their PR department or info at so-and-so, and let them know who I am, basic readership numbers (I can only share really broad things due to contractual issues, however with lesser known blogs, this is really important), some social media links, and so forth. I then ask for whatever specific thing I’d like, and leave it at that. 75% of the time I get a reply within a day with an offer to send me whatever.

- Although there are few things I can do with this professionally, I do occasionally swap with other professionals in my field. I’d think tea would be a bit easier considering how big some sample sizes are.

- I have a huge cupboard, and am more than willing to help out if you need samples of harder-to-get stuff that I have lots of.

MissB said

Oh, and Get a Reporter/HARO is excellent when you’re working on a series of something, say Valentine’s Day tea gift ideas or something.

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The Persimmon Tree is always looking for tea bloggers. You must have a good amount of traffic through your blogs/social media. We will send you our products or promotional items to review. After you review the items, they are yours to keep. We can also work with you to provide special discount codes or giveaways for your blog readers.

If you are interested, shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]. You must provide us with a link to your blog and/or social media so we can determine if you qualify.

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Single Origin Teas is always happy to have people blog about our tea! Send us an e-mail at [email protected].

**Our only requirement is that any samples sent to you are not to be resold.

Always more than willing to review teas on steepster to help further businesses…my email is on the way:)

pyarkaaloo said

i just sent you an email! :)

Thanks for the interest, but just a quick reminder that this forum post is for bloggers!

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