Book Club: 2nd Steep - Three Cups of Tea

Welcome to Book Club: 2nd Steep!!

We’re going to be reading Three Cups of Tea as our first book. Hopefully you all have been able to get a copy.

I’m posting the reading schedule which spreads over the next five weeks. For this book club format, we’ll post questions for each section on Sunday so that we have the week to “discuss” them online. The first reading section is somewhat shorter than the others, mostly because there won’t be a full week until discussion begins.

So, here we go:
Reading Schedule –
Week 1: Introduction & Chapters 1- 3
Week 2 – Chapters 4-8
Week 3 – Chapters 9-13
Week 4 – Chapters 14 – 18
Week 5 – Chapters 19 – 23 (end)

Our first discussion will begin this Sunday, February 20. Please hop on and post your thoughts!

Happy reading!

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teawing said

This is going to be fun!

Thanks for getting this going.

Huzzah for Jen!

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And, we’re off.
Happy reading everyone:)

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gmathis said

Just an aside for those of you who have kids to read with: there’s a Young Reader’s version of this story as well as “Listen to the Wind,” a picture book version.

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Didn’t get a chance to get the book this time around so I’ll hop in on week 2, if that’s cool with everyone. :)

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teawing said

That’s cool, make it fit however you wish…

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May I participate if I’ve already read the book? I also read mortinson’s second book “stones into schools” which was also excellent. I’ve always wanted to properly discuss three cups of tea and never had the opportunity…

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Absolutely! I’ll post some initial discussion questions tonight (or early tomorrow morning.) We broke it up into sections, so the questions will really just encompass the current and past chapters from the reading schedule. You’re more than welcome to participate.

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Spot52 select said

I liked this one better than stones to schools. the writing style took a turn that I did not identify with. But I agree with Mortenson’s mission. Happy reading y’all.

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Okay… here we go! Our first week of reading was the introduction and chapters 1, 2 and 3. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

In full disclosure, many of the questions come from (or were altered somewhat) from Loyola University Chicago’s reading list. They’re just really good. :)

Introduction -
1. Relin tells us that Mortenson has little attachment to linear time. What is Mortenson’s time? Why?

Chapter 1 –
2. Why does Mortenson consider himself a failure? What do you think?

3. How does Relin describe Mortenson as he beds down for the night? Think about what he is trying to tell us.

4. Was Mortenson a typical mountain climber? Explain.

Chapter 2 –
5. What do you think about Mouzafer Ali and his relationship with Mortenson?

Brief time out – Come visit the “throne room of the mountain gods.” Here’s one of “these ice-sheathed giants, naked in the embrace of unfiltered sunlight, [burning] like bonfires.”

6. Why are the people of Korphe so fascinated with Mortenson? What does this tell you about the community?

7. Tea talk – Would you? Could you? Have you? :)

Chapter 3 –
8. Mortenson decides to go back to Korphe because he found something rare there. What do you think it was? What would stand out to you?

9. How do you feel that Mortenson’s relationship with Christa helped to prepare him for understanding life in Korphe?

10. Why does Mortenson commit himself to building a school for Korphe?

Feel free to answer one, none, some or all of the questions. You’re also welcome to just talk about what you read, any questions you’re thinking about, what stood out for you, what pulled you in, or what’s disconnecting you from the book. In other words, you can say whatever you’re thinking… or not! :)

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I will start reading today! I am taking it now to my foot spa :D

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