Honeybush Tea Type

Under the “Teas” link at the top, along the right side of the screen, you can specify which type of tea you want to look at. You all know this already.

I motion to rename the “Honeybush” category/type to “52teas” or “My Sweet Honeybush”. Have you checked it out recently? Lol. :-)

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Kristen said


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snicker I does seem a bit lopsided there.

I was thinking the other day that if I could give up the 52teas schtick and just do honeybush blends, I could probably really create some great economies of scale and be a raging success. (i.e. if the only base tea I’m stocking would be honeybush, I could probably import directly and get better prices, etc.). But, I’m somewhat cursed with wanting to keep creating new blends, so I don’t think 52teas is going anywhere.

Listen to me, and listen good: You MAY NOT give up 52Teas. Ever!

On another note: My oldest daughter has taken a fancy to honeybush, so I’ve been preparing a cup for her every morning before she heads off to school (and sometimes after school too). She loves it! At least she’s chosen something that I have a plentiful supply of!

I agree with LiberTEAS, 52teas must stay!

Yeah. I’m not giving it up. I’m just a bit discouraged after day one of the Women’s Fair here in Wichita. Been busting my tail for this show for weeks. It’s finally here, and our sales are crap. We’re featuring MySweetHoneybush Blends, offering free samples of Monkey Fart, Strawberry Pie, Chocolate Malt and (you didn’t hear this from me, but a brand new addition, not even on the website yet—) Coconut Cheesecake. Everybody is loving the free samples, but they are not buying. We’re offering 4oz. tins for $15 (including tax) or 3 for $40. Of course, it’s not a tea convention, and half the people we offer free samples to are looking at us like we’re trying to poison them which is always encouraging.

I think we sold five tins all day. We’re also offering a Girlfriend Special, buy any subscription to a 52teas Tea of the Week or Month Plan, get another for a friend for HALF OFF. Talk about a GREAT deal. NO one is interested.


Tomorrow will be a better day.

BTW, LiberTeas, our three year old (pictured on the “Princess Blend” Label) LOVES honeybush. She drinks it like it’s soda. She came with my wife to the show tonight to give me a dinner break, and she was drinking up all of our samples.

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