Tea harvest calendar

This is posted on “Companies and Promotions” because the website included is a commercial website with company logos. But in fact we are talking about teas in general terms, not just those sold in Life in Teacup :D

I’ve updated the Tea Harvest Calendar I made a couple of years ago. I have to admit it’s not very easy to read and it’s a rather low-tech creation :-p My goal is to include harvest dates of some most popular teas. Most teas included are what I am personally interested. Comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated!

I’ve sorted out tea harvest dates based on solar terms because traditional agriculture, including tea cultivation, is primarily directed by the sun. A calendar based on solar terms will reflect tea harvest dates of not just one year, but some general patterns.

Here is the calendar page:

For those of you who are interested in our product, soon there will be a shorter and easier-to-read schedule showing the projected harvest dates and arrival dates of our 2011 products :D

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Really cool and informative!
So now you need to add the same info, but for Japanese teas! Ü

(that’s an upright smiley face)

I know very little about Japanese teas. So I will leave it to the experts.
Although not a calendar, I found this hibiki-an page very informative with a clear time line of Japanese tea harvest as well as very nice photos about tea processing!

Cool, thanks!

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For those who like fresh oolong from higher elevations, we are now accepting pre-orders for the coming harvest of Li Shan and Da Yu Lin. We will place our order mid-march and have it ready for our customers and clients by early April. We don’t usually order a lot of extra of the fresh teas because we like to keep only the freshest of these in stock so we send this message out only twice per year. If you’re interested, visit us at http://www.cloudwalkerteas.com/product/OOL-003 for more information.

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