What is Your Favorite Tea Brand and Why ?

I’m curious who your favorite tea brand is and why you enjoy drinking their tea? Is it the flavor? Branding? Value? All of the above? There seems to be so many different tea companies in today marketplace. How do you decide what one to go with?

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AllanK said

If I had to pick a single brand of tea it would have to be Dayi, otherwise known as Menghai Tea Factory and TaeTea. They only make puerh tea though. Although the Yunnan Sourcing brand of puerh teas is really good too. But Dayi invented ripe puerh tea.

Interesting! Thank you for replying !

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Rasseru said

White2tea is my favourite branding, because art & comedy & different.

As a brand/company I respect what-cha for divulging how much profits go back to the farmer. I wonder how much bigger companies pay for their tea? Thats the sort of company I like to support.

I dont like any of the brands in supermarkets because (in the UK anyway) they represent sub-standard tea quality & i couldnt go back to that rubbish if you paid me

Thanks for the reply and I appreciate your input. White2tea does have very cool branding.

I think tea companies that donate a percentage of their profits is very noble.

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mrmopar said

I shop a broad variety of different sellers. Transparency is a nice thing from vendors. Accurate descriptions and honest sellers get my votes. I buy mainly puerh tea but as a tea that is commonly faked I use my trusted ones. I tend to stick with sellers that continue to do these things and back up their products. Communication and keeping the customer in the loop is key for me.
I like it when I send an email and the seller will respond. I know a lot of these people by first name and that gets bonus points.
I will never buy from Tao of Tea. They gave me a wrong item and I emailed them and still, after about 5 months, no response. This is why I do a ‘test’ order with any new seller. They pass that a few times and I will list what I get from them in the Database on the site. Then others can see where the product came from.
Sell me a fake or don’t answer an email with a problem and their name will never be whispered on here by me.

Thanks for response. I’m curious though, people are actually sell fake tea? Do you mean they are saying it is puerh when really it is another type of tea?

mrmopar said

Dayi is the number one counterfeited brand in China. The new security labels make it harder but there are still other things to look for when you buy. I have a couple of good trusted sellers and as long as they keep doing well I will shop with them.

AllanK said

Sometimes a fake puerh isn’t even from the Yunnan varietal they make puerh from. Sometimes they bring in much cheaper tea from other parts of China, press it and call it puerh. But to be puerh it has to be the leaf type found in Yunnan. The small leaf tea found in other areas doesn’t qualify for puerh.

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