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Silk Road Teas

What tea company would you compare silk road to? I am interested in a couple of their teas, but the volume commitment is a little high to buy blindly. So in short, I am trying to see what company you would compare them to.

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Chi of Tea said

Have you ever seen “All in This Tea” about David Hoffman’s journey to china to find the best tea?

He was the original owner of Silk Road Teas, he sold it off a few years ago. I do not know if they kept his resources or not, but if they have, then I am sure its pretty good stuff.

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I don’t know if any company is quite like them in only selling high quality Chinese teas, but I guess any company that has a selection of high quality Chinese teas would be comparative? I have to say that the two teas I’ve had from Silk Road were OUTSTANDING and I would have no qualms about getting a quarter of a pound of any of their teas which are in my loved flavor profiles.

P.S. I loved the Imperial Red and the Dragon Balls!

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