Emmett said

Emmett - yangqinghao tea order for October

New order and prices for October. Exact order date to be set.
There are some big discounts on the 07 teas and a few others. Please check it out at yangqinghao.com

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jschergen said

+1. The price drops on the 2007s are significant. Worth checking out for those that are looking to stock up.

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Just a few questions:

Samples/Sample Packs?
How much a price drop?

I’ve had a few of YQH, and I’ve been impressed with a couple, but I see some new ones available now.

Emmett said

No more Samples, sorry.
You can look at reviews on teadb.org, here on steepster, Badger and blade, Facebook puerh club

jschergen said

The 2007s have the biggest price drop.

Making samples are understandably a huge pain for someone doing these mainly for the community and not making much of a profit.

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AllanK said

I am thinking about buying this time. When is the final date to send you the money and what is your email?

Emmett said

Email is linked from the website yangqinghao.com
Cuttoff for orders is 24tj latest but prefer before so I get the orders all organized

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