Artificial and Natural Flavoring? What Chemicals are you drinking?

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John said

There seems to be a misunderstanding about chemicals. I think people see ‘chemicals’ and automatically associate it with something bad. You know there are over 700 chemicals found in unadulterated tea…

Even so, I think its important to know what your eating/drinking and this does bring up a good point… even if doesn’t address it well

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I am not in agreement with 52 teas, there are harmful chemicals in artificially flavored teas, Even naturally flavored is not organic, as a former tea blender, and trader it is still something that builds up in your system over time, I also don’t think it is responsible to add essential oils to something you imbibe. Essential oils were never meant for consumption. If you are a tea consumer drinking ten cups of tea a day, over a lifetime your chance of having an accumulation of oils, and ingredients could present a certain danger, like anything else. It is the same reason I don’t drink flavored coffee, or burn flavored candles. Pure green tea from natural herbs meant for human consumption are the best choice. It is stated for instance, you should never diffuse essential oils around pets, so shouldn’t the same be true for humans? Toxic oils sprayed on tea, no longer to my liking.

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