Mate recipes?

So, Mate isn’t the tastiest stuff, but it’s damn good for a cold.
I’ve been sick for the past five days, and such I’ve been drinking a lot of the yerba… and so I thought it would be a good idea to experiment a little. I tried a packet of hot chocolate – you can check my profile for the tasting note, if you want.
In any case, I’ve been thinking a bit about what else you could mix with mate – both to make it tastier, and to make it better for curing a cold.
Anyone have any recipes/ideas?

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Simple said

You can cold steep it, (use plenty of grounds) in the fridge for 1+ hrs and then add pineapple juice, and serve on ice.

Pineapple juice…. that sounds pretty crazy.
Will have to experiment with that next time there happens to be pineapple juice in the house.

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Alana237 said

Sometimes I add chocolate chips and sugar – sort of like your hot chocolate, but it gives a better taste.

Elderflower is usually what I use to help a cold, especially if I have a blocked nose, but I’m not sure how well it would go with mate.

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