Any glass lined thermoses that do a good job keeping tea hot?

I may just buy a hot plate, but I was hoping that by now there’d be a great glass lined metal thermos to keep tea hot in. Anyone know of any or is this a futile search? Tally Ho.

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AllanK said

I have never seen a glass lined metal thermos. I have a Zojirushi metal thermos and it is great. Keeps tea very hot for about eight hours and acceptably hot for about twelve hours. It also does a really good job of keeping tea cold. The best glass thermos will keep tea hot maybe two hours.

Allen K … Back in the 50’s that’s all there was. Metal Thermoses with a glass or glass combo interior element. Kept liquids like soup (kids took to school) very hot. So where ya been ? ;-)

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JakeB said

I had a nice one from Mandala. Unfortunately, I dropped it and it cracked.

I now have a BPA free plastic one from Vitacost. I really enjoy it, though it doesn’t retain heat like glass.

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LuckyMe said

A Google search found two such products:

I use these glass tea tumblers from World Market for drinking/steeping tea on the go:

They’re cheap and do a good job of keeping tea hot, but like Allan said, they won’t keep liquids hot for as long as a metal thermos. A neoprene sleeve does help with insulation and protects the glass better.
AllanK said

The one from the webstaurant store is an airpot, not a thermos. Not very practical to take with you on the go. And having seen similar ones in use at my old job they didn’t keep the coffee hot for more than about two hours.

Thanks Lucky Me … Will check them out.

Lucky Me … WOW. The reviews were stellar. Even from a Tea Store. AND the price is wonderful … about $17 … went to Amazon just to see if there were reviews and was blown away by what THEY are daring to charge … OVER FIFTY DOLLARS for a 1.9 liter airpot. OH MY GOD. Thank you, you did great research. Will buy this for sure. Bless you.

Hi, Yes I saw the first tea thermos on Amazon too, but it got not great reviews. Thanks anyway.

If you have a Sam’s Club membership, you can get an airpot for ~$18. I have 5 of them for shows and the tea stays hot for about 12 hours, and warm for over 24.

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